OnLive Is Slowly Dying


Cloud gaming service OnLive is in a bit of trouble, but the service should continue running for sometime. The first rumors of layoffs at the company came from Mashable, and now Kotaku reports the company filed for “a form of bankruptcy” called Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. The status protects the company from creditors. […]

Ouya Android Console Gets OnLive Support And A Controller

Ouya Controller

Ouya, the Android-powered video game console that’s making its way through Kickstarter will play more than just Android games when it launches. Today Ouya announced that it will support OnLive when it launches next year. Gamers who back the console on Kickstarter will get the chance to use the cloud gaming service on their TV […]

OnLive Still Seeking Approval for iPad App

Onlive Ipad gaming

Last year OnLive released its cloud gaming app on Android and submitted a similar app for the iOS App Store. The iOS app is still missing, but OnLive is working on it. According to TouchArcade, OnLive is still working with Apple to get the app on the iPad. Despite apparent setbacks, the company still wants […]

Nvidia Offers Faster Cloud Gaming With GeForce Grid

GeForce Grid

Nvidia is using its new Kepler GPUs to make cloud gaming faster than it was before. Today, Nvidia announced its new GeForce Grid, a system of powerful, inexpensive servers that can make cloud gaming better. Nvidia won’t start its own cloud gaming service, but it will sell the GeForce Grid system for other companies to […]

Gaikai Partners With Wikipad For Tablet Cloud Gaming

Gaikai Partners With Wikipad For Cloud Gaming on a Tablet

Gaikai is hoping to bring its cloud gaming to tablets through Wikipad. The partnership will make the Wikipad the first tablet to take advantage of Gaikai’s cloud gaming. The Wikipad tablet was first unveiled at CES 2012, where it had an 8-inch 3D display¬†with an estimated release window of Spring 2012. With the new announcement […]