NaNoWriMo: Best Free Android and iPhone Apps For Writers

nanowrimo apps

The first week of NaNoWriMo is at an end and hopefully you’ve reached your word count goals every day (or caught up by now). If you’re attending any of the NYC-based write-ins this week, keep an eye out for me! Riffing off my post from earlier this week on good smartphones for writers, today I […]

5 Best iPad Office Suites for Making You More Productive


If you want to do more with your iPad than surf the web, play games and watch video, these five iPad office suites will help you be more productive. They range in price and capability and everyone can find a tool that will meet either moderately complicated needs or very basic and simple uses. Apple […]

How My iPad Made Me Hate Paper and Helped Me Save Over $15,000


I hate paper! It is everywhere but thanks in part to my iPad I don’t want to use it anywhere, except maybe the bathroom and dining room. So I’m gonna show you a few ways that my iPad has made me hate paper while saving literally thousands of dollars. Speaker Notes As a preacher I […]

If Only These Gadgets Could Raise Money


This has been a crazy few days for me in my life as an Artistic Director at Wayside Theatre. Not only do we have work to do on the current and next production as well as running the theatre day to day, it is fundraising season. That means face to face meetings with potential donors […]

Documents To Go on iPhone Now Available


As much as I would like to get away from documents and spreadsheets that are created in Microsoft Office products I just can’t. Too many colleagues I deal with on a regular basis, and myself are tied to that way of working. Since I use multiple devices, I explore quite a few document syncing options […]