Draw Something Losing Daily Users Quickly

Draw Something

In March, Zynga purchased Draw Something developer OMGPOP for about $200 million. Now, that’s looking like a bad investment as the developer’s popular game is losing users quickly. According to The Atlantic Wire, Draw Something’s popularity peaked on the day that Zynga purchased OMGPOP. At the time the game had about 15 million daily users with a […]

Draw Something Gets Fantastic Update for iOS and Android

Draw Something for Android and iOS Gets Fantastic Update

Draw Something, the application that has taken both the iOS and Android gaming worlds by storm, has received a major update today that brings a number of new and highly desired features to both mobile platforms. The update is packed with a number of features that users of the application have been campaigning for since […]

Draw Something Hits Another Milestone, Windows Phone Users Still Waiting

Draw Something Hits Another Milestone, Windows Phone Users Still Waiting

OMGPop’s Draw Something, the mobile game that has taken both iOS and Android by storm, surpassed the 50 million downloads mark today just a short time after the company sold the game to mobile gaming giant Zynga for $210 million. The game has hit the 50 million download mark just 50 days after launching. That […]

Draw Something: 20 Million Downloads in Five Weeks


If you haven’t played Draw Something, a game for the iPhone, iPad and Android, chances are you will soon. Dan Porter of OMGPop, CEO of the company behind the game,  has told Business Insider that the game has been downloaded 20 million times in the past five weeks with 12 million of those users being […]