Google Unveils New Chromebooks with Better Battery Life


Google and Intel just announced a line of new Chromebooks today at the Intel Developer Forum, and they each come packing with Intel’s latest fourth-generation Haswell processors. The companies revealed four new Chromebooks in all, two of which are from HP and Acer (current Chromebook partners), and the other two are from Toshiba and Asus, […]

Intel Pair and Share is AirPlay for Android, iOS and Windows [Video]

Intel Logo

Intel is showing off a new technology at IDF 2011 called Pair and Share, which lets your iOS and Android devices share video and pictures wirelessly to your Intel computer — and even on to your HDTV with a WiDi adapter. Similar to AirPlay, which streams video and images to your AppleTV connected HDTV, this […]

Intel Gives MeeGo Tablet UI a Facelift

Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 12.17.56 AM

At the Intel Developer Forum, a reference hardware tablet running the MeeGo operating system, which was originally intended as a joint effort between Nokia and Intel until the former pulled out in favor of Windows Phone 7. In China, as part of the Intel Developer Forum, Intel and partner Tencents are looking to position MeeGo […]

Video: Intel’s New MID Form Factors


I knew after we posted about Intel’s announcments at the IDF yesterday that video would surface. I also know it would surface at jkkmobile’s site. Sure enough it did. The video (after the jump) shows a few of the new form factors that are available, including a phone from BYDmars running XP. Interesting.

Intel SSD Power Savings

There’s been some debate going on about the power savings available from the new Intel SSDs. I was in a session specifically on SSDs titled "Extending Battery Life of Mobile PCs Using Intel® High Performance SATA Solid-State Drives". The class was quite impressive, showing an average 15% power savings using Intel SSDs versus using a […]

MIDS versus Netbooks Defined – Sort of

Intel has recognized the general confusion about MIDs versus netbooks versus notebooks. The prime differentiation appears to be screen size and portability. MIDs are recommended for 4.5"-7" screens, netbook 7-10.2", and notebooks 12+". Associated with the screen size is the general device size. The processors change as well, although both are targeting the Intel Atom. […]

Meet the 3rd Generation Classmate PC

>> > jkkmobile has posted this great video of the new Intel Classmate PC from IDF.  They also have a few great shots of the unit from various angles.  The new Classmate PC features a convertible screen with touch capabilities.  Check out additional coverage of IDF 2008. Via jkkmobile. Technorati Tags: Classmate,Intel,IDF

Views of the Panasonic Toughbook MCA

Panasonic announced their Intel Atom based Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) today. The system meets the usual Toughbook standards of ruggedness while addressing the needs of the healthcare community. One advantage of Atom based systems is that they can be completely sealed – important in a hospital setting. Atom is low power enough and cool enough […]

Details on Intel UrbanMax

In an IDF session on touch computing I finally got some details about the specs of the Intel UrbanMax concept. This sounds really nice! Intel Centrino 2 Core 2 Duo processor (formerly Montevina) Intel Core 2 Duo ULV (formerly Penryn) Intel GS45 Express chipset (formerly Cantiga) Intel ICH9M small form factor Intel WiMAX/WiFi link 5050 […]

GBM Shortcut: Intel UrbanMax Innovation Platform

I got an opportunity to talk about the Intel UrbanMax to Patrick Lynch, the marketing manager for the platform. In this short video clip you can see the UrbanMax in action. The innovation platforms are used to both showcase Intel’s vision of where mobile computing is going, as well as show a production-ready design that […]

Attending Intel Developer Forum

This week I’m at the Intel Developer Forum to see what Intel is up to – particularly with the MIDs and netbooks. Looking at the classes that are going to be offered, there’s a strong focus on ultra-portable computing solutions. Expect to hear more as the conference continues… If you are at IDF, drop me […]