iPad 3 Release Date Pegged for March 16th

iPad 3 Release Date Pegged for March 16th

While we’re fairly certain that Apple is going to be announcing its next-generation tablet – presumably called either the iPad 3 or the iPad HD, on March 7th, we’re still unsure about when the actual iPad 3 release date might be. We’ve heard some rumblings about a possible release during the week of March 11th […]

Case Makers Already Have iPad 3 Cases Set to Go

Skech iPad 3 cases email

Next week Apple will announce the new iPad, and potentially release it just a few days later. Typically with new devices, you’d have to wait for new cases to arrive. This time though, it looks like you won’t have to wait. Some manufacturers already have their iPad 3 cases ready for the launch, they just […]

Apple Announcing iPad 3, Release Date Week of March 5th

iPad 3

Apple has chosen the first week of March to launch the new iPad, likely the iPad 3. Apple announced the iPad 2 last year on March 2nd, and it looks like the company is planning to keep to the annual release cycle with a rumored iPad 3¬†announcement¬†event for the first week of March. The new […]

iTunes U, iBooks 2 Apps Hint at iPad Retina Display Resolution


If you have any doubt that Apple is working on a higher resolution iPad display for the future, you can look no further than the recently released iTunes U and iBooks 2 apps that were announced and released as part of Apple’s education-centric media announcement for Thursday. Those two apps contain hints of a Retina […]

Next iPad to be Called iPad 2S, Not iPad 3


Chinese case manufacturers say that they have been working on un-released cases for Apple’s next-generation tablet computer which, unlike popular speculations, will not be called the iPad 3 but instead be named the iPad 2S. It’s unclear why Apple is choosing a mid-cycle refresh moniker for its flagship this time around rather than a full […]