Battery Boost Magic Isn’t A Magic Fix for iPhone 4S Battery Life

iPhone 4S battery life

*+-The iPhone 4S has battery life issues, that much is for sure. For many users, the battery life is bad enough that they have turned to the App Store to find a fix for bad iPhone 4s battery life. Enter the Battery Boost Magic App, which claims to “Maximize & Extend your battery life”, “Reduce […]

iPhone 4S Jailbreak Gone Bad: Bad Battery Life and Stability Issues

iPhone 4S Jailbreak crash

*+-When the iPhone 4S jailbreak was released ast month I quickly jailbroke my iPhone. I’ve been looking forward to the iPhone 4S jailbreak since I bought the phone, but I was cautious about which jailbreak apps I installed, holding myself to a few of the best iPhone 4S jailbreak apps. In all I had about 5 jailbreak […]

iPhone 4S Battery Fix App Is a Fake


*+-The iPhone 4S has battery issues for many users, causing faster than expected battery drains, and an early end to connectivity and apps. I’ve shared how to fix bad iPhone 4S battery life in 5 minutes, which is an easy way to fix battery life issues for many users, so I was interested to learn […]

How to Fix Bad iPhone 4S Battery Life in 5 Minutes

iPhone 4S battery life Standby same as use

*+-The iPhone 4S has been plagued with battery life issues since it launched in October. Apple has been working on fixing these battery life issues with the iOS 5.0.1 update, which didn’t do a whole lot for most iPhone 4S owners. I shared how to get better iPhone 4S battery life, but this tip can help those […]

Is Software To Blame For iPhone 4S Battery Problems?


*+-Over on ZDNet’s Hardware 2.0 blog Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is making a good case that the recent battery problems plaguing iPhone 4S owners is a problem with the software, not the hardware. Apparently an anonymous iPhone developer came to him with some illuminating evidence that points to this explanation. The dev has two iPhones, one for daily […]

Androids Best iPhone 4S in Battery Test

Epic 4G Touch

*+-When you set out to find a new smartphone, one of the main things to look at is how well the phone’s battery holds up. Some phones have atrocious battery life (see: HTC ThunderBolt) while others are able to get you through an entire day of use. Still, overall battery life on smartphones isn’t amazing […]

Fix Horrible iPhone 4S Battery Life With One Setting

iPhone 4S Battery Life Fix

*+-While we found that the iPhone 4S had good battery life in our review, many users are experiencing bad battery life on the iPhone 4S. Apple is reportedly baffled at the cause of the iPhone 4S battery life issues, and may be in contact with select user to try to troubleshoot the problems. The staff […]

Apple Reportedly Puzzled by iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues

iPhone 4S

*+-The Guardian is reporting that Apple engineers have been reaching out to owners of the new iPhone 4S in an attempt to remedy the battery life issues that some with the device have been experiencing. When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, it touted the device’s impressive battery life. However, it failed to mention that the […]

iPhone 4S: How To Get Better Battery Life

iphone battery full

*+-The iPhone 4S already has pretty good battery life, but if you plan to use it heavily, or to take it on vacation, you’ll want to know how to squeeze every last bit of power out of the iPhone. Here is a collection of ways you can extend the life of your iPhone, without sacrificing […]