BioProtect Brings TouchID Authentication to All iPhone 5s Apps

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Though Apple introduced TouchID on the latest iPhone 5s flagship, its use is mainly limited to securing your iPhone and for authenticating iTunes and App Store purchases. Thankfully, thanks to the latest iOS 7 untethered jailbreak, a third-party developer was able to bring TouchID to all iOS 7 apps on the iPhone 5s so that […]

iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Already Available

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Apple just launched iOS 5.1 and a lot of people installed it already, but jail breakers worried they would not be able to get the new update for some time. Not so! It turns out the Dev Team already released an iOS 5.1 jailbreak using the Redsn0w jailbreak tool. The Dev Team announced they cracked […]

Revive an Old iPhone 2G or iPod Touch 1G With Whited00r’s iOS 5

iOS 5.1 Release Date

I don’t imagine there are too many people out there still rocking an iPhone 2G as their primary phone at this point, but I do suspect there are a few out there sitting in drawers still in perfectly fine condition, just not terribly useful since they’re running an old version of iOS and no longer […]

H1Siri Could Kill Your iPhone, Compromise Data

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By now, you’ve probably heard of H1Siri, a hack that allows you to put Siri on your jailbroken iPhone 4. This is exciting news for users who want access to the much-lauded personal assistant app found exclusively on the iPhone 4. But, like many things, this is too good to be true. The H1Siri hack […]

Time Warner’s (Self-Defeating) Block on Jailbreakers Reeks of Ignorance

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Those who use the Time Warner cable app on a jailbroken iPad may have been greeted with a stern message after installing the latest update. As Eric Slivka at MacRumors points out, the following message would be displayed for those users:   Though it’s likely that a relatively small percentage of iOS users stream content […]

How To (Finally) Jailbreak the iPad 2

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iPad 2 owners who want freedom from Apple’s closed operating system can rejoice: the jailbreak for the tablet is now available for the most current firmware version on all devices (excluding betas). The hack, by developer comex, was released today at the website Here’s how to unleash the new power of your iPad 2: […]

iPad 2 Now Jailbroken by Developers

iPad 2 Jailbreak

Developers have already managed to jailbreak the iPad 2, though at this point a date for a public release of the jailbreak solution is not yet available for consumers who have adopted Apple’s second-generation tablet. The process of jailbreaking, which opens up the tablet and the iOS operating system environment to functions and capabilities beyond […]