15 LinkedIn Tips & Tricks


If you’re currently looking for a job, here are 15 LinkedIn tips and tricks that you should utilize on your profile in order to attract the attention of employers. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, only it’s more like a more professional Facebook. You add profile photo and some details about your work history, just like […]

Feds Reach Tentative Deal with Major Tech Companies on NSA Data Requests


Transparency can be a strange thing and not all transparency is completely transparent. At least that’s what it looks like when it comes to national security issues, NSA data surveillance, major tech companies, and what we’ve come to know since the Edward Snowden leaks have changed how we view our personal data and privacy in […]

What Social Networks Know About You


Privacy and security are big topics these days. With governments, social networks, and websites all collecting as much data about each of us as they can it is enough to make the ultra-paranoid not look quite so crazy. Data collection on consumers has been going on for quite some time. When I recently moved from […]

100 iPhone Apps to Supercharge Your New iPhone


Here’s a list of 113 iPhone apps that will help you have fun, take better photos, be productive, manage a business or personal finances, chase storms (or avoid them) and much more. Like many of you, I am attached to my iPhone. Not only am I an automotive technology writer for this site, but I […]

LinkedIn Windows Phone App Update Delivers New Features


LinkedIn is issuing an update for its application on Windows Phone, bringing new features that help that application make better use of Windows Phone 8’s unique features. According to a post on the Windows Phone Blog, LinkedIn 1.5 brings with it the ability to received automatic notifications on the application’s Live Tile in addition to […]

LinkedIn Loses 6.5M Passwords, What You Need to do Today

LinkedIn Passwords

LinkedIn lost 6.5 million passwords to a group of hackers this week, giving us another reason to not use the same password on multiple sites. LinkedIn is investigating the leak and taking action on accounts that may have been compromised, but if you use LinkedIn it’s a good time to go pick a new strong […]

10 iPhone Apps to Find a Better Job Today


Finding a new job is tough, especially in the current economy, but with the iPhone and a collection of job search apps finding a better job is within reach. Recent college graduates are having a hard time starting their careers. According to AP about half of all recent college grads are either unemployed or underemployed. They’re […]

New Year’s Resolution – Apps to Get a New Job & Make More Money

hireadroid and getHired job search apps

Getting a better job is an ever popular New Year’s Resolution. If you’ve decided that 2012 is your year to make more money, get better benefits or just have a better work life balance, I want to share a collection of iPhone apps and Android apps to help you find a new job in 2o12. […]

Microsoft Goes Social with Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace


I guess it you don’t play the social game, you’re sitting in the bleachers watching everyone else play. Microsoft is announcing its plans and a first step towards integrating social networks into Outlook. Using the Outlook Social Connector and partnerships with LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace, the idea is to bring your social network (and all […]