Leaked Windows Phone 8.1 Image Hints at Notifications Tile


One of the features that’s so far been absent on Windows Phone 8 and that’s been requested by users of the platform is a unified notifications system, similar to the notifications drawer on rival iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft had confessed that it had ran out of time in creating a unified notifications system when […]

New Xbox May Be Influenced by Microsoft’s Phone Designs


Microsoft may have a new UI in store for the next Xbox that will keep the same basic look of the Xbox 360 with a few notable changes. According to The Verge the next Xbox will have smaller Live Tiles than the ones currently on the Xbox 360. Microsoft introduced smaller Live Tiles with WIndows […]

The New Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Is Beautiful

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 7 already has a nice home screen (or Start Screen as Microsoft calls it), and Windows Phone 8 will make it look even better. The new Start Screen for Windows Phone 8 will still have the live tiles of Windows Phone 7, but users will have much more control over them. The new […]

Windows 8 and Notifications and Battery Life


Notifications, widgets, gadgets, live tiles, we all know what they do on devices. They bring us information that we can quickly give a glance to see what’s been updated, whether that be on a social service, a stock quote, etc.. Historically they also run as services or Apps and after getting over the excitement of […]

Microsoft Ready to Demo Windows 8 Tablets by June?


Microsoft is getting ready to show off a new tablet user interface design that will be bundled together with its next-generation Windows 8 desktop operating system. Unlike rival tablet operating systems, Windows 8 tablets will run a desktop-class OS and not a scaled down mobile OS. According to Business Insider, the Redmond, Washington software company […]

ARM-Based Windows 8 Tablet with Live Tiles UI?


After Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reported that Windows 8 could arrive sooner than we expect, there has been some chatter on the Internet that the next-generation desktop Windows operating system could arrive on tablets with better touch support along with compatibility with ARM-based processors, a feature that CEO Steve Ballmer had announced during the […]