Microsoft Enhances, Speeds Up Windows Phone Speech Recognition

Bing on the HTC 8X, as well as all Windows Phone 8 devices.

The voice recognition and speech features included in Windows Phone have just gotten a huge speed boost according to Microsoft. Speaking for Microsoft at the Windows Phone Blog, Michael Stroh and the Microsoft Bing Team announced this morning that the voice search and voice to text options that are included in every Windows Phone 8 […]

Video demo of Microsoft Research grip-sensing pen


Turns out Microsoft Research published a video demo of their grip-sensing pen that we mentioned yesterday. The demo shows how the pen cursor changes in response to different ways of holding the pen, as well as recognizing it as a different type of instrument when held like a saxophone.

Smarter pens, augmented drawing, and more natural user interfaces at TechFest 2011


As always, Microsoft Research has some exciting work in development. Their belle of the ball for TechFest 2011 will be natural user interfaces, and they’ve taken the wraps off several projects at their blog, including 3-D rendering of medical images and objects, computer-assisted freehand drawing, and pens that can recognize different grips.

Microsoft Research presents paper on Simultaneous Pen + Touch


Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet reports that the Microsoft Research team behind Manual Deskterity is presenting the white paper on their work on Simultaneous Pen + Touch at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. As you may recall but likely have forgotten, the team released a video preview of their work back in […]

Microsoft Research Explores Potential of Multi-Touch Mice

Screen shot 2010-08-31 at 7.43.45 AM

Microsoft Research puts a lot of thought into how users interact with computers. In this video, they evaluate different methods of manipulating objects with a multi-touch mouse. The resulting report shows that it’s a pretty complex challenge to build a multi-touch mouse that’s more usable than an ordinary mouse or a multi-touch display. While the […]

Microsoft RearType Puts Keys on Back of Slates

reartype-back (1)

Microsoft researchers are playing with the idea of putting full QWERTY keyboards on the back of slate devices. This particular Microsoft research team is exploring ways to improve text entry on devices that typically don’t have physical keyboards. In a research report, test subjects were able to learn how to type with RearType at an […]

iPad owners: Microsoft wants to study your brain


If you own and use an iPad, live near the Redmond, WA area, and have a couple hours to spare, Microsoft wants you! Per a Facebook event posted by Microsoft User Research, Microsoft wants to get feedback from iPad users for purposes unknown. Perhaps for a new keyboard design.

Microsoft Research Shows off Pen and Touch Together


Steve Jobs may say that a stylus is a no no and any device that requires one fails, but the folks at Microsoft Research are the ones thinking different. Check out this video from Microsoft Research using pen and touch together on a Surface table. At the beginning of the video it looks very familiar […]

Microsoft Research’s Multitouch Mice Concepts on Video


Microsoft Research is working on at least five multitouch mice. The Orb, Arty, Side Mouse, FTIR and Cap Mouse are each unique, implementing various tracking technologies, ergonomics and functionality.  I’m hoping more than one of these make it out of the lab and into the accessories market. Why is Microsoft working on so many mice? […]

Microsoft Shows What A Tablet PC Of The Future Can Do

I’m still trying to wipe the puddle of drool off my keyboard after seeing this demonstration from Microsoft’s Jonathan Cluts. The interactive 3-D Gray’s Anatomy with various systems of interest a touch away is truly amazing. Speaking of touch, Microsoft seems to have fully implemented its capabilities during this demonstration. Not once was an active […]

The Codex Project: Multiple Tablet PC Displays

Our good friend is at it again. Microsoft Research’s Ken Hinckley has unveiled a prototype project he’s working on called The Codex that brings two OQO Model 02’s together to take advantage of a multiple tablet pc configuration. Ken showed off this prototype to Warner, Craig, and me back in April and we were blown […]