How To Turn On SkyDrive Settings Syncing in Windows 8.1

How To Turn On SkyDrive Settings Syncing in Windows 8 (6)

Gone are the days when users were forced to change every little setting on each notebook, laptop or desktop that they have. Windows 8.1’s OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) syncing let’s you keep  your desktop background, mouse settings and more available across multiple devices. It just makes the Windows experience easier than its even been for users with […]

Microsoft Renames SkyDrive to OneDrive


What’s in a name? Well, that depends on your attorneys and trademark law. For those who have been waiting anxiously to find out what the new name for Microsoft’s Skydrive will be, we have an answer. The new name will be OneDrive. Microsoft has finally announced how it will rename and rebrand its cloud storage […]

Xbox One Will Allow Users to Stream Content Directly From SkyDrive

GameStop has gamers covered if they can't wait for the Xbox One release date to play the latest games.

Users looking to load the Xbox One with their favorite music or videos won’t even need to connect the console to their Windows PC or plug in a flash drive. Instead, the Xbox One can actually sync content from Microsoft SkyDrive. Although Microsoft didn’t formally announce the feature in any of its releases, Engadget noted […]

Microsoft SkyDrive App Arrives on Android

SkyDrive for Android

Microsoft’s cloud service is finally available on Android with the release of the official SkyDrive app for Android. The new SkyDrive app is free in the Google Play Store and lets Android users access any file in their cloud storage from their smartphone or tablet. With the app Android users can view all the documents, […]

Microsoft Updates SkyDrive Apps, Cuts Free Storage Space

SkyDrive Mobile Apps

Microsoft is challenging Dropbox by updating SkyDrive with new mobile and desktop apps while also decreasing storage space for free users. Microsoft announced today that SkyDrive Free now gives users 7GB of cloud storage space instead of the previous 25GB. Some users can keep the 25GB per month, however. Any user who already has a […]