Nokia Booklet 3G looking less and less impressive

LAPTOP Magazine has delivered an in-depth review of the Nokia Booklet 3G, one of the most thorough I’ve read so far, and sucks the wind out of what I think is its most attractive feature. Its 16-cell battery lasted 8 hours and 24 minutes on our LAPTOP Battery Test (Web surfing via Wi-Fi). That’s a […]

ASUS Eee PC T91 Touch Demo

ASUS has put together a demo video of the Eee PC T91’s multi-touch capabilities. user interface. The custom UI can be accessed by tapping at the dock at the top of the screen. There are some touch-enabled games and apps shown in the demo. FotoFun lets users sort images and build photo albums. The ASUS […]

Video: Accelerometer in a Dell Mini 9 Tablet Mod

The forum members at MyDellMini are busy tablet modders. A few weeks back, we saw a Dell Mini turned into a touchscreen tablet by Rob928. Now, there’s a new one from rock99rock sporting accelerometer-based screen rotation that looks really smooth in the video demo. What’s really impressive is that he pulled it off with a […]

You May Still Be Able to Put OSX on a Netbook

Well, we labeled it a rumor when we first reported it yesterday morning because the word that the latest Apple build for its next update to OSX would put the kabosh on all those Hackintosh Netbooks out there. But then it became a fact just about everywhere, including here later in the day. Now comes […]

Rumor: OSX 10.6.2 to Shut Down Atom Support

Watch out all you Hackinstoshers out there. Rumors are circulating that Apple is going to pull the plug on (or put in a patch) that will prevent OSX from running on Atom chipsets with the latest update to its operating system (OSX 10.6.2).  While the excitement over running Apple’s OS on a Netbook seems to […]

Dual Screen Kohjinsha Netbook on Video

We’ve posted about the Dual Screen Kohjinsha Netbook before, and I have to admit I still remain skeptical about the device and its use case. A video surfaced with the device in action (mostly promotional) but it is worth a look if you’re thinking about some dual screen netbooking. Via

Dell Mini 9 Tablet Mod


After reading Michael Dell’s comments on netbooks today, I wonder if maybe he’d be interested in taking the Dell Mini line in a new direction, as one adventurous modder did with his Dell Mini 9 Tablet project. As posted on the MyDellMini forum, a fellow going by Rob928 took apart his Dell Vostro A90 and […]

A Dual Screen Netbook? But Why?


I guess there are no limits to innovation and coming up with clever mobile gadget solutions. This certainly isn’t for me, and I’d have a hard time calling it a Netbook, but Kohjinsha is showing off a dual screen Netbook at CEATEC. Brad at Liliputing asks a lot of the same questions I’m asking about […]

How Many Computers Have You Owned?


I’ve owned many computers throughout my life, perhaps more than I’d like to admit.  I sat down the other day in an attempt to create the most complete list of computers that I’ve owned since I delved into the tech world.  It all started with a Mac SE that my father would bring home from […]

Moblin v2 Impressions: This Has Potential


I have been using Moblin version 2 on my Dell Mini 10v netbook exclusively for the past couple days.  The linux variant is specifically tailored for a netbook’s smaller screen size, longer battery life, and Intel Atom Processor.  While the overall OS is smooth and offers much, I must offer a few suggestions.

Viliv S10 Blade Convertible Netbook

I got a chance to play with the Viliv S10 Blade at IDF 2009 and shot a quick hands-on video. It has a high-resolution 10″ resistive touch screen, up to 64GB SSD and a 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this is the 10-hour claimed battery life with the standard battery. […]

What will it take to make you wanna touch?

With Windows 7 available to end users next month, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the world of touch and multitouch with the added context of what’s available today. I am firmly of the belief that touch and multitouch make no real, practical sense on the desktop monitor. As we’ve stated […]

Alternative Netbook Operating Systems


Rather than sticking with Microsoft Windows XP or the updated Windows 7, there are a variety of reasons for checking out alternative operating systems for your netbook.  The benefits of using a few of the following operating systems include being a part of a community of users, regular updates, and running an OS that is […]

Travels with the HP Mini 5101

HP Mini 5101

The next few weeks contain quite a bit of travel for me. In general, Idon’t “get” NetBooks. While these may appear as two disjointed statements, I’ve decided to reconcile the latter through the former. So as I packed for a series of trips that include Washington DC, Miami, and Paris, I tossed an HP Mini […]

Demo of HP Mini 311 with NVIDIA ION Graphics

Warner Crocker and Kevin Tofel criticized a Forbes reporter’s take on netbooks today. The Forbes guy had a couple of valid points, but he was generally out of touch with the netbook/notebook market. I like what netbooks have to offer, but they have a lot of limitations that frustrate some users. Graphics performance one such […]

There’s a new Vivienne Tam Clutch


Remember the Vivienne Tam Clutch Netbook? Looks like there is another model from the designer and HP. It was unveiled at at the designer’s 2010 fashion show. If you like the look, you’ll have to wait until Spring 2010. No word yet on specs for the device. Hope my wife doesn’t see this. Check out […]

High Resolution Netbooks Do Exist!


If you’re like me, you’ve been frustrated a time or two by the limited screen resolution of your favorite netbook.   A 10.1-inch screen was a vast improvement over the original 7-inch Eee PC, but my eyes can still feel like they’re jailed at 1024×600; A claustrophobic feeling often takes over when I’m netbook surfing. […]

Hands on with the Nokia Booklet 3G


Nokia is unveiling specs and pricing of the Booklet 3G and intially those who have gotten their gubby mitts on the pre-production units seem impressed. Chris Davies of SlashGear has a slew of pictures up for you to oogle and says that he’s very impressed with the keyboard and even more impressed with the dimensions […]