Office Beta 2 Technical Refresh available Thursday!!

  According to Jensen Harris – Office 2007 TR is going to be available tomorrow!!  Great for me (and I am sure lots of others), I’m  on a Vista only install trying to get past all the bugs running Beta 2. Major points of improvements: Improved support for the minimized Ribbon Visual redesign of the “Northwest” […]

Office 2007’s Minimized Ribbon: A Boon For UMPC/Origami and Small Screens

Lots of good discussion in the Tabletscape about working with a small screen, led by Craig Pringle’s excellent series revealing some neat tips to maximize screen real estate when you’re working with minimum screen real estate. One item Craig mentioned and Josh Einstein also pointed me to today, is the Minimized Ribbon feature in Office […]

Office 2007: Where Did That Command Go?

File this one away as a handy reference. If you’ve been using the Office 2007 Beta (no, I won’t use that ridiculous new name) or reading about it, you know that the UI has changed dramatically. If you’re worried about how to find your most used commands on the new ribbon, take a look at […]

Office 2007 Delayed Again?

Uh oh. Looks like Microsoft will be delaying 2007 Microsoft Office system (I still can’t believe that name change, is e.e. cummings working for Microsoft now?) until “early 2007.” In March the announcement of the delays of Vista and Office met with howls of derision and urgings of calm, especially given the confusing language of […]

Thoughts on Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 beta 2 is much better than previous builds I’ve tested. I’ve been putting the To Do section through its’ paces today and I have to tell you it is becoming my favorite new feature. What I really like is that I can flag emails as “To Do” items and they show up with […]

Office 2007 Beta 2 available

So, you are among the many who have been waiting patiently to beta test Office 2007. Well, your wait is over. Microsoft has officially released Office 2007 beta 2 and made it available to the public. You’ll love the new UI and the wonderful improvements in OneNote 2007. I have not checked yet, but I think […]

Blogging from OneNote – update

I was just reading the comments on Chris Pratley’s blog regarding the blogging feature being built-in to Word 2007 and OneNote 2007. In my post about this feature, I wondered out loud about creating a blog entry using ink. Well, Chris answered the question in his comments: A couple of people have asked what happens […]

Blogging from OneNote 2007

Chris Pratley has let the good news spill out about a new feature in OneNote 2007 – posting a blog entry from OneNote 2007 . Over on the Word blog Joe Friend has broken the news about the new blogging support we’ve added to Word 2007. I’m happy to say that OneNote 2007 is also going […]

TipX – Tablet Input Panel add-in for Excel

Loren points us to Tipx, a specialized TIP for Excel. I have not tried it out, but it certainly looks better then the standard TIP when used in Excel. From the InkEnable website: Sheet view for direct writing into cells. Cell view for more sophisticated editing of individual cell content. Supports optimized handwriting recognition for numeric, […]

Office 2007 Product news mind map

– I picked this up from the MindJet Blog. Interested in what’s going on with the process of delivering the Office 2007 product line? Check out this mnd map done by Don Campbell (MS Evangelist for Office). Updated on April 21st, these is a lot of good information in here. I was amazed at the […]

James Kendrick demos Office 2007

James Kendrick has just posted a demo video of Office 2007 where he focuses on the Tablet PC features . I’ve been using Office 2007 for some time now and I’d highly encourage you to check out his video. Office 2007 has been given a total facelift over the previous version, and no doubt you’ve seen pictures and videos […]

New Tablet and related Podcast from OnTheRun with JK and Marc!

– An new Podcast (#17) from OnTheRun is up! Have you ever listened to the these guys do a podcast? If not, then you are really missing something. It’s something like a low key Jazz radio show meets a techno news show, and the result is a laid back and relaxed discussion of good things […]

Dear Frank Gocinski, BLOG MORE PLEASE!

– I submit this info under the title, “People I would like to see blog MORE”! If you don’t know Frank Gocinski — well you should. If you have a Tablet PC, you have been where Frank has roamed, even if he is doing it quietly. We need to hassle him to blog more, simnply […]