OS X Mavericks Update Arrives Ahead of Release

A new OS X Mavericks GM version arrives before release.

Today we expect to see OS X Mavericks details arrive, and while the OS X Mavericks release date may be a few days out, Apple quietly pushed out a slightly newer build of the OS X 10.9 Gold Master. Update: OS X Mavericks Update Adds an Hour of Battery Life Apple first delivered the OS X […]

OS X Mavericks Release Date and What to Expect from OS X 10.9

OS X Mavericks Beta Download

The OS X Mavericks release date is just around the corner as Apple sets the stage for an October 22nd event and calls for developers to share new Mavericks ready apps with the company. An OS X 10.9 update is not free like the iOS 7 updates, but it should arrive as an affordable upgrade […]

OS X Mavericks vs. Mountain Lion Multi Monitor Support (Video)

osx multiple monitors

A new video comparing the multiple monitor support available in Mac OS X Mountain Lion to the upgrade that’s coming to iMac and Macbook Air users in the forthcoming Mac OS X Mavericks update has hit the web. Until now, Mac users had been stuck with a sort of half-step effort by Apple to bridge […]

iCloud Keychain: Apple’s 1Password & LastPass Competitor

iCloud Keychain will remember your credit cards.

Apple just announced iCloud Keychain, a new feature that will help users create smarter passwords that iCloud will remember and sync so it’s easier to login to your favorite websites and services. The iCloud Keychain is a 1Password and LastPass competitor that will arrive with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. In an era of complex passwords […]

WWDC 2013: What to Expect and Not to Expect

Banners at Moscone Center in San Francisco show a "7" which points to the unveiling of iOS 7.

On Monday Apple will show off iOS 7, a new version of OS X and we could see new Macs, the rumored iRadio service and more, but we don’t expect to see the iPhone 5S or iPad 5. Apple is already preparing Moscone center for the WWDC event which kicks off on Monday with a […]

Mac OS X 10.9 Could Feature Better Full-screen Support, Tabbed Finder

Mountain Lion Notification Center

Apple may bring some iOS functionality and new features for power users to OS X 10.9. The company will likely debut these at WWDC 2013 in June. 9To5Mac reports that OS X 10.9, code-named “Cabernet,” won’t completely change how OS X works like Lion and Mountain Lion did. But it will add more features to […]

WWDC 2013 Set for June 10th With iOS and OS X ‘Innovations’

Apple plans a WWDC 2013 Keynote for June 10th where we expect to see iOS 7 and new OS X software.

Today Apple announced that its 2013 World Wide Developers Conference will take place on June 10-14 in San Francisco where the company will likely debut new software for later this year. World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) is Apple’s annual event for developers where it gives them a sneak peek at the future of Apple software. One […]

OS X 10.9 Could Include Siri and Apple Maps


Early builds of OS X 10.9 include versions of Siri and Apple Maps for the Mac according to a 9To5Mac report. According to the report Apple is currently testing Siri in the next iteration of its Mac OS. If the feature passes testing it will likely make the cut for OS X 10.9 and all […]