How to Convince Your Parents to Get You an iPhone

Follow these steps to convince your parents to get you an iPhone. DoublePHOTO studio /

So you want to convince your parents to get you an iPhone? This is no small purchase, but with the right facts and details you can convince your parents that you need an iPhone and that you are responsible enough to use one. There are trade offs to these arguments, like letting them be able […]

Apple To Pay Off Angry Parents Suing Over In-App Purchases

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Apple is handing out $5 per account to some of its iTunes users. It has agreed to a settlement in the class action lawsuit that was filed against it by parents after their children were able to amass huge bills without having to obtain authorization inside applications downloaded from the iTunes App Store. As part of […]

Females More Likely to Check Smartphones of Spouses and Kids

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These days we keep all types of stuff on our phones, which has raised concerns about the government or hackers snooping on our calls, emails and travel history; but according to a new survey you should be looking at someone much, much closer. Retrevo found that your significant other is quite possibly checking your call history and […]