Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 Ready for Your Kids

Kids_Tablet_2___polaroid.com 2

Tablets are for kids. Well, at least watching kids take to Tablets has always been an education for me. Without fear they start touching and swiping and seem to know exactly what to do. Unlike some of the adults I’ve seen who occasionally seem like they need a graduate school class on how to use […]

Polaroid’s Android Interchangeable Lens Camera Offers Flexibility


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Polaroid introduced the world’s first Android-powered smart camera with support for interchangeable lenses, giving it capabilities like a DSLR where you can change between fast lenses, wide angles, and zooms and telephotos. However, Polaroid’s iM1836┬ácamera isn’t aimed at the prosumer market and is aimed at the beginning camera users who […]

Polaroid to Enter Interchangeable Lens Camera Market With Android Offering


It looks like Polaroid, a company known for its instant photo film, will be diving straight into the digital age and differentiate itself from larger rivals by showcasing a camera with interchangeable lenses (ILC) with Android under the hood in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. At CES 2012, Polaroid became one of the first, […]

Polaroid Z2300 Combines Digital Photos and Instant Prints

Polaroid Z2300 White

Polaroid is still trying to cross the bridge from traditional photography to digital photography, and the Z2300 combines the two worlds in an interesting way. The Polaroid Z2300 is a 10MP digital camera with a design reminiscent of classic Polaroid cameras. Like those classic Polaroid cameras, the Z2300 can still print out photos, but the […]

Polaroid Tablet Might Get Ice Cream Sandwich Before Your Device

Polaroid Tablet Might Get Ice Cream Sandwich Before Your Device

Don’t look now but Polaroid’s, yes that Polaroid, upcoming 7-inch tablet will be arriving with Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system on board. The FCC filing, found by Liliputing, indicates that the company is gearing up to launch a new tablet to go along with the tablet lineup it introduced back in January. […]

Polaroid SC1630 Android Smart Camera Phone Hands-On (Video)


While Samsung is asking users if the Galaxy Note is a phone or tablet, Polaroid is asking potential consumers of its SC1630 camera if that device is a camera or a phone. Polaroid has good reason to ask the question as the SC1630, which is being marketed as a camera first and a phone second, […]

Polaroid Packs Android Brains Into Digital Camera and Makes It Smart


The problem with digital cameras today for many users who are living the connected lifestyle on social networking sites is that it is cumbersome. You still, for many camera models, have to remove the memory card, transfer the pictures to your computer, and either print them or upload them to social sites like Facebook to […]