Samsung Focus Flash and Windows Phone: First Impressions

Samsung Focus Flash

I’m just going to come right out and say it. My experience with Windows Phone is very limited. I’ve played around with a few devices, the Samsung Focus and Focus S both come to mind, but I’ve never taken one for an extensive test drive. That changed on one of the last days of CES […]

Best Smartphones Available for a Penny

HTC ThunderBolt

One of the biggest obstacles that some people face when buying a new smartphone, especially one 4G in nature, is the price. We know it’s hard to comprehend for some of you, but not everyone is willing to throw down hundreds of dollars for a new smartphone. Well, those not looking to break the bank […]

Samsung Focus Flash Windows Phone Now $1 at AT&T

Samsung Focus Flash

Looking to score a cheap Windows Phone Mango 7.5 device that isn’t a year old? Well, then look no further than the deal that AT&T currently has going on for its Samsung Focus Flash which was released on November 6th, just a little over a month ago. As of right now, Ma Bell is offering […]

Samsung Focus S Release Date and Pricing Announced

Focus S

While we’re still not exactly sure what’s under the hood of the Samsung Focus S, we are now sure of its pricing and its release date as AT&T announced both of them on its Facebook page earlier today. The Samsung Focus S will be arriving on November 6th and will be available for $199 on […]

AT&T Reveals First Three Windows Phone Mango Handsets


If you have been waiting for AT&T to announce its first new devices coming with the upcoming Windows Phone 7.5 Mango software from Microsoft, well, then probably want to prep the champagne for this evening because Ma Bell has indeed announced three upcoming Windows Phone Mango handsets which include the recently announced HTC TITAN, the […]