Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery for Samsung Galaxy S III Review

samsung galaxy siii with extended life battery

The Samsung Galaxy S III typically suffers from shorter battery life compared to the iPhone, but an extended battery like the Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery can solve the problem for a decent price and without adding too much bulk or weight to the handset. The Galaxy S III battery doesn’t drain as fast as some […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mophie Battery Case In the Works

Mophie Juice Pack Pro

Taking notice of incredible sales numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smart phone, Mophie, the folks who produce the Juice Pack cases for iPhone, decided to create Mophie Android battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It becomes the first Android phone to get a custom case from the popular battery case maker. The sales of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Hybrid Series USB Case Packs a Flash Drive


Ego & company now offering a new Samsung Galaxy S III case that integrates a USB flash drive in the case. The ego Hybrid Series USB Case comes in a number of colors and protects a user’s Galaxy S III while also providing a flash drive eliminating the need to carry around a separate tiny drive that […]

How to Speed Up the Samsung Galaxy S III

Speed up Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III already runs pretty smoothly, but a simple tweak can speed things up, making the user interface respond quicker to user input. The tweak might seem like a placebo effect and it’s hard to really judge with objective standards, but I think it speeds up the Galaxy S III Users can […]

How to Take a Screen Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S III

taking screenshots with the samsung galaxy siii

The Samsung Galaxy S III gives users two different ways to take a screenshot. One is easy, especially for former iPhone or iPad users. The other is so hard I don’t bother. Let me show you how to do both, for when you really need each of them. Taking a screenshot with an Android phone […]

Dolly Turns iPhone Into Pro Style Dolly Camera

dolly mount

iStabilizer announced the release of Dolly, an iPhone photo and video accessory that turns the iPhone into a pro style dolly camera great for panning shots or steady moving videos. With it, users can shoot far more stable video or images using Dolly and iStabilizer’s iPhone tripod mounts included in the package. When the pros […]

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy SIII Wi-Fi Problems

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III review

Many Galaxy S III users are reporting problems with WiFi connectivity on the new phone, and it looks like my AT&T Galaxy S III suffers from this WiFi bug as well. I just got the phone yesterday and already saw inconsistency using Wi-Fi with my Netgear router. There are a number of different Galaxy S […]