LG Teases Smartphone Announcement for September 19

LG September 19 invitation

LG recently brought its Intuition to Verizon, but it has another new smartphone to announce later this month. According to Android Police LG sent out an invitation for an announcement of a new smartphone on September 19, the same day HTC will announce its new phone(s). The event will also feature Qualcomm, so it’s safe […]

Qualcomm Begins Selling Reference Tablet With Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU


While Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon S4 processors on many high-end Android smartphones released in the U.S. today are capped with two cores, it looks like the company is just about ready to roll out a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor. The new applications processor with four cores are found on Qualcomm’s developer edition tablet complete with an […]

Canadian Galaxy S III Launch Hints at U.S. Specs

Blue Samsung Galaxy S III Faces Delays

The Samsung Galaxy S III is coming to Canada on June 20, and the Canadian specs may hint at the version the U.S. will see whenever the phone comes to the country. The Canadian Samsung Galaxy S III will do away with the 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos CPU. Instead it uses a dual-core Snapdragon S4 […]

Gestures With Snapdragon S4 Bring Kinect-like Controls to Tablets


Qualcomm wants to bring Kinect-like gesture controls to smartphones and tablets with “Gestures with Snapdragon S4.” Qualcomm’s new gestures use the front-facing camera on a smartphone or tablet to control what happens on the screen. The result is a simple control method that reminds us of Microsoft’s Kinect. In the demonstration we saw Qualcomm use […]

Dual-Core and Quad-Core HTC One X Models Benchmarked Side by Side


A new video shows us how the U.S. version of the HTC One X compares to the international version of the phone. The video of the two phones comes from YouTube user Josh Krek who tested the Rogers version of the HTC One X which uses a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU and the international version […]

Smartphone Popularity Leads to Shortage of Snapdragon Chipsets


The increase in adoption of smartphone and the powerful features of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset line is creating shortages that Qualcomm may not be able to address until the end of the year. The company’s recently released 28 nm architecture behind the dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset–found on the U.S. variant of the HTC One X–provides enough […]

AT&T Tester Reveals Additional Information About LTE HTC One XL


AT&T had revealed at Mobile World Congress at the end of last month that it would offer a 4G LTE variant of the flagship HTC One X smartphone for its network–also known as the HTC One XL–in the future. Now, according to one person who is intimately testing the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4-powered HTC One […]

AT&T’s HTC One X Goes With Dual-Core Rather Than Quad-Core CPU


AT&T confirmed that its 4G LTE version of the HTC flagship One X smartphone announced at Mobile World Congress will come with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset rather than the quad-core Tegra 3 ‘4+1‘ CPU found on the international version. The decision to go with the dual-core Snapdragon rather than the quad-core Tegra 3 […]

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 CPUs Will Help Smartphones Replace Game Consoles


We’ve already begun seeing the cannibalization of dedicated game consoles–like the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation–thanks to the emergence of cheap games on mobile smartphones and tablets that are readily available for consumption by the casual gaming. However, as mobile hardware becomes more powerful, Qualcomm predicts that new smartphones and tablets running its forthcoming Snapdragon […]