Will DirecTV Nomad Stream Satellite TV to Mobile?


Look what DirecTV put up on their site. A “coming soon” page for a new product called DirecTV Nomad, which I assume will stream video from my DirecTV box to my mobile devices through the Internet. In the picture we see what looks like a MacBook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone, although DirecTV might […]

Verizon Video Brings More On-Demand TV Content To Android Smartphones

Verizon Video for Android

Verizon Android smartphones users now have another on-demand video app available: Verizon Video. It’s basically VCast with new branding backed by RealNetworks. The service, which costs $3/day or $10/month, promises content from over 100 channels. Subscribers get access to over 250 episodes and live sporting events. Content is available from network and cable sources — […]

Old Honeycomb Tablets Left Out in the Cold with Netflix Streaming?


If you’re an early adopter of Android Honeycomb tablets hoping that someday down the road, your tablet will get official Netflix support, you may want to stop holding your breath. In the release of the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 tablet, it is learned that Netflix streaming on Honeycomb will remain to be a short exclusive with […]

Infographic: Hulu Plus v. Netflix on Twitter – Fight

hulu Plus v. Netflix Infographic

Mashwork kept on eye on Twitter and found some interesting conversations going on about the Hulu Plus v. Netflix debate and put it all in an easy to understand infographic, ready for our viewing. They were inspired by all the recent news about Hulu being up for sale and rumors that Netflix might buy the […]

U.S. Senate Proposes Jail Time for Illegal Streaming Videos


The U.S. Senate is proposing legislation that would create harsher punishments and make illegal video streaming a felony under the Commercial Felony Streaming Act. While the current laws under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act imposes stringent punishment on illegal video and music downloads, legal policy has thus far not kept up with streaming technologies. With […]

Adobe Updates Flash to Version 10.3 for Android


Adobe has just pushed out an update to its Adobe Flash Player plugin for the Android platform, bringing the version number to 10.3 and matching the available update on the PC and Mac platforms. The latest version of Adobe Flash 10.3 supports Android OS version 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.0 (Honeycomb), and the latest Android […]

mSpot Movies On Demand New Pricing and Streaming to Mobile Devices


mSpot Movies has been in the streaming video business for a while, but they are announcing today a new membership model with discounts when compared to renting streaming video from competitors like Amazon and Apple. This is not a subscription based service like Netflix or the new Amazon video streaming service for Prime members. Instead […]

iOS, iPad Owners Soon to be Able to Stream Sony Movies for Free


Sony will soon allow iOS owners of devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch the ability to stream for free old movies and TV shows from the studio through the website www.Crackle.com. A specific timeline was not given as to when the iOS streaming capabilities would be implemented, but users who visited the Crackle […]

How To Watch the Masters Golf Tournament While Mobile


For golf fans who get as excited about the Masters Golf Tournament as the others get about the Super Bowl, CES and the Oscars, one app that will help you enjoy the tournament, if you can’t be in front of your TV this weekend, is The Master’s Golf Tournament app ($1.99). If you don’t have […]