The GoGo Pillow is a Tablet Stand, a Travel Pillow and More


*+-We love to accessorize our Tablets with protective cases. And what’s a Tablet without a stand. Microsoft’s Surface Tablets with its click stands certainly make that point. Well, here’s an accessory that combines a case with a multiple position stand and also offers a few more tricks in the mix. You may have seen it […]

Felix TwoHands Stand for Tablets and eReaders


*+-Unless you have a Microsoft Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 Tablet, chances are you’re going to purchase a stand, or case with a stand, or one of any number of options that are available to prop up your Tablet or eReading device at some point. Stands come in all shapes and sizes so you […]

Official Nexus 7 Flip Cases Arrive, But They’ll Cost You

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 4.37.27 PM

*+-When the Nexus 7 arrived on the market back in July, Google didn’t offer any official cases for the new tablet, just like previous Nexus devices released in the past. Google released a sleeve shortly thereafter but for those wanting full protection other routes were necessary. Today though Google launched some official flip cases that […]

Magstand2 for iPad 2 can mount your ‘Pad upside down


*+-I’m not sure if this idea is brilliant or stupid, but either way, it’s making my iPad accessory envy flare up like the opening scene of Star Trek. Behold, the Magstand2, a magnetic mount from Macally that allows an iPad 2 to stick to the underside of a cabinet, ideal for sticking an iPad 2 […]

PadPivot tablet stand earns over $100k in Kickstarter funding


*+-I’ve mentioned before how the surge of iPad accessories, specifically stands, has left me with mixed feeling. Well, the emotion churn has started up again with news that an ingenious stand called PadPivot has secured more than $100,000 in pledges through Kickstarter – ten times their goal. Time for me to sign up too (perhaps […]

Getting serious iPad accessory envy

Look at this great adjustable stand! Oh wait, it's a foot rest.

*+-In addition to buying a Bumper while bumming around the Apple Store yesterday, I spent a good chunk of my time there drooling over iPad accessories. No, not the iPad itself, which were looking lonely on the floor next to the new hotness, the iPhone 4. Rather, after spending years with a slate Tablet PC, […]

I want this notebook stand – Minifit XL


*+-As a result of being a hardcore Tablet PC fanatic, I’m always on the lookout for a good notebook stand, but it isn’t easy to find one that can handle usage in both convertible and slate modes. Standard notebook stands usually aren’t adjustable enough. I’ve tried book stands, but they aren’t designed with ports and […]