Magnus Mini for iPad mini Review

magnus mini stand for iPad mini

Ten One Design offers the Magnus Mini for the Apple iPad mini. This small accessory holds the iPad mini up on its side in landscape orientation creating a nice viewing experience when used at one angle or a comfortable typing experience at the lower angle. The tiny stand grabs hold of the magnets built into […]

Ten One Designs Magnus iPad Stand Review

Ten One Designs Magnus iPad Stand Review - 2

Finding the perfect iPad stand for a desk, nightstand or kitchen counter is a challenge, but the Ten One Designs Magnus Stand for the iPad 2 and New iPad is as close as I’ve found. The Magnus is an all aluminum dock with a premium feel and eye-catching style. Ten One Designs hand finishes the […]

Ten One Design Announces Pogo Connect Stylus Using Bluetooth 4.0

Pogo Connect

There was a time when the stylus was considered an absolute accessory for mobile devices. Then came touch and the stylus became to those who thought like Steve Jobs about as useful as an appendix, the vestigial organ not what you find at the end of a book. Well, not to be outdone, the stylus […]

Pogo Sketch Plus Stylus: Upgrade Your Old Pogo Sketch for Half Price

Pogo Sketch Plus

There’s a new Pogo Sketch Plus Stylus coming. We know a lot of our readers love to ink with a stylus even though iPad isn’t optimized for inking.┬áTen One Designs agrees with you and makes one of the best styli I’ve tested and that’s a bunch. They improved their already simple and economical design with […]

Fling: A Mediocre Joystick for Capacitive Touch Screens

The Fling from Ten One Designs

Gaming with you iPad can be a lot of fun, but for games that normally utilize a gaming pad or joystick it can be frustrating. 60beat┬áhad one iPad gaming solution that only works with a couple of games, but Ten One Designs went another direction with The Fling, which attaches a capacitive joystick onto your […]