How to Setup Galaxy Note 3 Keyboard for One-handed Use

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Earlier this month the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone tablet hybrid finally launched in the US, and many of you probably ran to the nearest AT&T store to grab the 5.7-inch device. Having a beautiful and large full 1080p HD display is nice, but it can be problematic for those wanting to use the device […]

How to Type Faster and More Accurately on the iPhone

Caps Lock

It’s tough to beat the speed and accuracy of a physical keyboard, but with a few simple tricks and tips its easy to type faster and more accurately on the iPhone. While some users will long for a BlackBerry keyboard and might want to check out this physical iPhone keyboard case on Kickstarter. Read: Turn on AutoFill […]

5 Tricks to Type Faster On the iPhone

type faster on the iPhone

If you want to type faster on the iPhone, you can’t find a better keyboard, but you can use a number of built-in tricks to type faster and smarter. The iPhone keyboard includes handy shortcuts that will cut down on keystrokes, errors and the time you spend sending texts and emails. Even if you’ve used […]

Your Next Email Could Charge Your Phone

iPhone Tap to Charge

Battery life remains a major issue for smartphones, especially 4G smartphones, but new technology being worked on at RMIT in Australia could turn your next email or text message into power for your phone. Research has already figured out a means of turning mechanical pressure, like a button press, into electricity. This is achieved with a thin […]

Split Keyboard for Thumb Typing Coming to iPad with iOS 5

iOS 5 Grab Handles for Easier Thumb Typing

Apple’s new iOS 5 will bring a dramatic improvement to the typing experience with something they call “Grab Handles” which is a split keyboard. This will be benefit those who need to type with their thumbs while holding their iPad or iPad 2 with two hands. Previously, one would have to have pretty large hands […]

HTC Launching Trace Keyboard on Sensation to Compete with Swype

HTC Trace on the HTC Sensation

The newly announced HTC Sensation smartphone will not only come with a number of new hardware specs, but will also launch with a new software keyboard called HTC Trace. HTC Trace will be competing against Swype to provide users with a different method of entering text on a touchscreen smartphone. Rather than pecking away at […]

SnapKeys Virtual Keyboard Lets You Type Blindly (Video)


At CTIA last week, SnapKeys was promoting its new virtual keyboard as one that allows you to type blindly. Rather than employing a full-sized keyboard like rival Swype, the SnapKeys concept utilizes only four keys for letters and two additional keys for functions such as backspace, delete, alternate characters, and punctuations along with an intelligent […]