Keyboards Don’t Sell Tablets


Attention everyone who thinks a keyboard is the key to beating the iPad: 2009 called. They want their thoroughly disproved idea that tablets need keyboards back.

GD2000 UMPC Fits in Your Pocket, Handles Harsh Environments

GD2000 UMPC Rugged Device

The GD2000 delivers a portable rugged mobile computing solution that can handle the hazards of field and medical work. The light weight and 5.6″ display make it small enough to carry in one hand and easy to slip into your cargo pocket or lab jacket when you need to move to the next job.     […]

Fujitsu Aims to Meld Symbian and Windows 7 Together in Japan


In a mobile handset that is speculated to be destined for Japanese carrier DoCoMo, Fujitsu is said to be placing the desktop-class Windows 7 OS along with Symbian on a dual-booting Fujitsu Loox smartphone.  The former Windows Mobile licensee of Microsoft’s mobile OS will be attempting to bring Windows 7 and Symbian together on an […]

Windows 8 Immersive looks like Origami 3.0


As screenshots from Windows 8 circulate around the ‘net (round-up at, I feel as if I am unable to appreciate the new elements being introduced because I’ve seen them before. They were already introduced five years ago. By Microsoft. On tablets. What’s being called “Immersive”, I call Origami 3.0.

Is Tablet Inking Dead?


This morning I received an email from a long time reader asking the question in the title of this post. Here’s an except from that email: I’m a vice president in a large company and have relied on my tablet for more years than I want to admit. WHERE IS ONENOTE IN ALL THIS MESS?  […]

OCOSMOS to Resurrect UMPC Category on AT&T with OCS1


The OCOSMOS OCS1 is a UMPC, otherwise known as an ultra-mobile PC, which was a category of mobile computing devices that Microsoft had hoped would gain traction before the iPad consumer tablet craze. The OCS1 has a 5-inch touchscreen and a small form factor that runs the full version of Windows 7, making it a […]

Panasonic ToughBook U1 Aids Chilean Miner Rescue

Screen shot 2010-10-12 at 9.51.07 PM

The first of 33 trapped Chilean miners were pulled up a 2,000ft shaft last night after spending 69 days underground. The ascent up the shaft in a tiny capsule takes about 20 minutes, but the miners won’t be alone. Each miner will have a Panasonic ToughBook U1 attached to them to monitor their location and […]

Ballmer: Windows 7 to be on slates “When it’s ready”


In an interview with The Seattle Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was asked when we’ll see Windows 7 on slate devices like the iPad. I know how I would have answered. I’m sure you have your own answer as well. Let’s see how they match up with Ballmer’s response.

Panasonic Toughbook U1 UMPC updated to “Ultra” status


Been more than two years since we saw the debut of the Panasonic Toughbook U1 rugged UMPC. But now it’s been updated with a brighter screen and better innards as the Toughbook U1 Ultra, which in no way reminds me of the Samsung Q1 upgrade to Samsung Q1 Ultra.

TEGA V2 packing Ctrl-Alt-Del button and also Android


In a couple of tweets last week from a visit to the factory, friend, former GBMer, and founder of Tegatech Australia, Hugo Ortega (a.k.a. @MrMobilePC) revealed two interesting features of his TEGA V2: a dedicated button for Ctrl-Alt-Del and something called “Android”.

Tegatech unveils the TEGA v2 Tablet


Friend and former GBMer Hugo Ortega is showing off the follow-up to Tegatech’s sold-out TEGA Tablet, the TEGA v2. Like the first one, it’s a slate running Windows 7, and it’s packing some impressive muscle. No surprise given Hugo’s long history with Tablet PCs and UMPCs.

iPad Alternative Lists Prove That Lists are Just Lists


Harry McCracken at The Technologizer says we need to be ready for all the Tablet/Slates coming our way, especially all those alternatives to the iPad. He’s not alone. Lots of folks are saying the same thing as we’re supposed to see Android Tablet/Slates raining from the sky like manna from Heaven. The Technologizer has published […]

OQO Model 03 on the Horizon?


Everyone modeled the death of OQO in April of last year. Before the OQO Model 2+ was ever released the company apparently ceased to be, or at least the US part of the company ceased to be. Well, Ben at UMPC Portal is reporting that a forum user has come up with what seems to […]

Viliv N5 On Sale at Dynamism Soon


Dynamism is almost reader to take Viliv N5 pre-orders. The Viliv N5 is a tiny PC that can fit in a coat pocket. It has a 4.8″  touch screen, miniaturatized QWERTY keyboard, SSD, GPS, 1GB of RAM and optional 3G HSPA modem. It weighs in at just .85 lb and is a hair under 1″ […]

Microsoft has no tablets… not counting Tablet PCs and UMPCs


The double hit of news that both Courier and the HP Slate are not on the schedule has led to rampant speculation about where this leaves Microsoft now that they have NO tablet prospects. None, zero, zilch, not a tablet to their name according to the reports. Excuse me while I scream.