Archos 9PC Tablet and Blurring the Line Between Device Categories


We’ve seen this coming for quite some time. Archos, well know for their portable media players (PMP) has been slowly adding more and more features like WiFi and encroaching on the line that separates PMPs from Tablets, UMPCS, MIDs, Netbooks, etc… In fact they released a Netbook a short while ago. Now, the Archos 9PCTablet […]

Rumor: Dell is Working on a MID

Yesterday the Intertubes were ripe with a rumor that Dell is working on a Mobile Internet Device using an ARM based processor. Yawn. Just about everyone is working on some form of Mobile Internet Device these days and just about everyone is working on one with chips from Intel, ARM chips, and NVidia’s platform. And […]

Kohjinsha SK3 UMPC To Be Announced This Week


It’s just a tip at this point so don’t hold your breath, but UMPC Portal is reporting that the Kohjinsha SK3 UMPC will be announced this week. It’s predecessor, The Kohjinsha SC3 was one of the few UMPCs that followed the convertible Tablet mode and came with a keyboard. The newer SK3 will keep that […]

Viliv S5 Premium 3G, SSD Available for Pre-Order


Dynamism is gearing up to sell the Viilv S5 Premium with SSDs and 3G. There will be three SSD versions available, starting at $649. The most affordable version comes with a 32GB SSD, but without a 3G modem. The 32GB Viliv S5 with built in HSPA modem will cost $799. For $1,299 you get the […]

Two ultra-mobile video demos from jkkmobile

Along with the tablet they showed us earlier, jkkmobile has posted video demos of a couple more mobile computers today (and other portable PCs too), the Dmedia WiMax MID and Compal KAX15 UMPC. The Dmedia device is packing WiMax connectivity (obviously), but its other noteworthy feature is a big camera lens on the back capable […]

Head to Head with the Viliv S5 and Viliv X70


The Viliv S5 UMPC has certainly captured a lot of attention and it looks the Viliv X70 will as well as Dynamism has announced that the 7 inch X70 (the S5 has a 5 inch screen) will be available for the same price of $599. James Kendrick has been giving them both a once over […]

Netbook w/Removable UMPC

III showed off Frankestein device at Computex that’s part netbook and part UMPC. They took an HP Mini 1000, gutted it and replaced its stock components with a VIA C-7 processor. They chopped off the display and replaced it with a slate-style device that runs on an ARM processor and Android. This device is obviously […]

Clevo TN70M Convertible UMPC/Tablet


Clevo slid under our radars again with their new TN70M available now for purchase. In March 2008, we missed the TN120R announcement, which turned out to be a 12.1” convertible tablet that was very customizable. The TN70M is Clevo’s latest foray into the realm of convertible tablets, this time competitively flirting with Asus’ upcoming T91 […]

Modding the Viliv S5

It didn’t take long, but then it never does. jkkmobile, the King of Mobile Modding, is showing off how to mod the Viliv S5 by adding 3G and a SSD drive.

jkkmobile Video Review of the Viliv S5

There must be something about guys with those j and k initials and the Viliv S5 UMPC. Both James Kendrick and jkkmobile seem smitten with the device. jkkmobile has just put up a video review of the device which covers a great bit of detail. And Mr. Kendrick continues to show off how he’s using […]

Samsung Q1EX Unboxing Prompts Head Scratching


The UMPC acronym is having a resurgence of late but there are still quite a few unanswered questions. No more so than with the Samung Q1EX. We got some early news on this at CES2009 and it’s been available to order since back in March. It is certainly an interesting looking UMPC as it mostly […]

Fujitsu Bumps the Loox U to 2gHz and the Price as Well


If you’re in the Japanese market, Fujitsu is bumping up the processor in the Loox model UMPCs (they are called the Lifebook U810 and the U2010 here in the states). There is now a 2.0GHz Atom Z550. There’s a price bump that goes with that as well as this will set you back another $380 […]

Some Thoughts on OQO and The Future of Mobile Computing

News about OQO and their unlikely ability to bring the Model 02+ to market has got me thinking about what made OQO and their handheld computer so special and I’d like to share a few of those thoughts. Without a doubt, OQO defined ultra-mobile computing with their Model 02 / 2+: a 5″ device, a […]

Become a Fan of TegaTech, Checkout CeBIT Australia


Tablet PCs and UMPCs are alive and well in the land of down-under. What better way to show your support than become of Facebook fan of Hugo Ortega’s company TegaTech Australia. You’ll pickup some good links and follow all the good things Hugo and his company are doing. By the way, if you happen to […]

James Kendrick Seems Smitten with the Viliv S5 Premium UMPC


Just as the news about the Origamiportal being shut down is circulating, James Kendrck has perked up some interest in the UMPC form factor with the Viliv S5 Premium UMPC that he’s currently reviewing.   I’ve long given up on the UMPC form factor as originally conceived but when jk starts raving about something it […]

Microsoft’s Folds


Remember when all the talk was about UMPCs and folks were hitting up Microsoft’s for all the latest hints and clues about what this new platform would bring us? It seems like eons ago, and a lot has happened in the mobile industry over the past several. Unfortunately, the UMPC concept never really took […]

More Mobiles Than You Can Shake a Stick At


If you want to know why we sometimes seem overwhelmed and just slightly insane as we cover Netbooks, UMPCs, MIDs, and other things mobile, go to this url from UMPCPortal and check out the picture. (The one accompanying this post doesn’t do it justice.) The URL will take you to a picture of all the […]

How About Some Bling with that UMPC?


The UMPC concept seems all but gone, but maybe by adding some gold, some brass, and some Swarovsk jewels to a 7 inch form factor and charging $30,000 it might attract some buyers with cash to burn. I doubt it though. My doubts notwithstanding, somebody at Moneual thinks it might be worth it because they’ve […]

Samsung Q1EX UMPC Panned in Review


Let’s just call Mark Spoonauer of Laptop Mag not a fan of the Samsung Q1EX UMPC.   He’s reviewed the new Samsung Q1EX UMPC, (that features a VIA processor) and well, to be kind finds it lacking. On the one hand I can’t say I’m surprised. All of us here at GBM cocked our eyebrows […]