Microsoft Windows 8 Banned on China Government Computers


Ouch! On a day that Microsoft was looking to make some news at a “small gathering” in New York City, China has thrown a wrench into what Microsoft certainly hoped would be a “feel good” news day. The Chinese government announced through its official news agency a decision made late last week to ban Windows […]

Microsoft Reverses Course Will Patch Windows XP for IE Security Flaw

Windows_XP_Logo_Wallpaper_s729v 2

“You can count on us.” That’s how a new blog post from Microsoft concludes after discussing security updates to Internet Explorer in the wake of news of a major security vulnerability that affected all versions of the Microsoft browser from IE 6 to IE 11. That security flaw was made public last weekend and was […]

Windows XP Dies Today: What To Do If It’s Still On Your Computer


Today marks the official death of Windows XP, the operating system that Microsoft rode to success early last decade (and that caused a million headaches for users). Computers with XP on them won’t suddenly stop working today. Owners of Windows XP machines will still be able to check their email and download new programs. However […]

Final Day Countdown to the End of Windows XP Support


Today may be the first day of the rest of your life, but for those still hanging on to Windows XP, it is the last day that Microsoft will continue supporting the aging operating system that has had more lives than an Internet full of cat GIFs. Beginning tomorrow, April 8, Microsoft will no longer […]

Still Clinging to Windows XP? Get Ready for Pop-ups


We’ve reported on the impending shut down of support for those still running Windows XP. The end date is near. April 8, 2014 will be the day Microsoft flips the switch and ceases to support the 12-year old operating system that is still clinging to life on some computers for a variety of reasons. Well, […]

Microsoft Throws Windows XP Users a Lifeline


Microsoft is ready if not incredibly eager to put Windows XP, the operating system from the early 2000s that went on to dominate laptops and desktops, behind it. That’s why the company originally announced that it would end all support of the operating system and the tools device owners use as an excuse to continue […]

Forget the Hype Behind Windows 8 on ARM, Try Windows XP on EVO 3D


While the hype in the tablet and PC space behind Microsoft’s camp may be Windows 8 running with satisfying prowess on ARM processors, hackers aren’t stopping there and have taken matters into their own hands. With dual-core gigahertz plus ARM CPUs on current flagship smartphones today, hackers have now successfully created ports allowing users to […]

PeeWee Pivot 2.0 Convertible Netbook Now Available for $599

newpc2peweenov2010 (1)

If you’re for a convertible Tablet like Netbook for your child the PeeWee Pivot 2.0 is now available at a price of $599. Designed for the rugged abuse your child may throw at any gadget you put in his or her hands the Pivot has a sturdy plastic exterior with rubberized grips to avoid those […]

Like Your Netbook’s Battery Life? Stick With Windows XP


According to some recent Laptop Magazine tests, some netbooks’ batteries aren’t running as long under Windows 7. Laptop Magazine’s editors ran testedthe Toshiba Mini NB205, ASUS Eee PC 1008A and HP Mini 311 with both XP and Windows 7. The result? The netbooks with Windows 7 ran for an average of 47 minutes less than […]

One upgrade success, one failure


Been meaning to give Windows 7 a try on my Tablet PC, but aside from dragging my feet over the hassle of grabbing drivers, I was running short on drive space too. Seemed like a couple of good excuses to upgrade my hard drive.

Windows XP: The OS That Won’t Die Gets Yet Another Life Extension


Responding to Enterprise and business customer concerns, Microsoft is now going to be extending the life of Windows XP into 2011. The previous life extension took it into 2010 (6 months after the expected release of Windows 7), but it now looks like there will be an 18 month window for Windows 7 Professional and […]

Microsoft Extends Life of Windows XP for Netbooks to 2010


Some may call it a confusing signal, and it is to a degree. But I think it is all about counting dollars and cents. Microsoft is once again extending the life of Windows XP to June 2010. Microsoft is also going to allow users to skip Windows Vista if they choose to downgrade from Windows […]

Reviewing a Year of Windows XP on Netbooks

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc has posted a nice look back on the last year of Windows XP on Netbooks. Of course this look back points ahead to what Windows 7 will bring, and that’s really the point. Nothing wrong with that, and there sure seems to be enough excitement based on what we’ve seen with the […]

Time Warp: Aigo MID to Get XP


This post makes me feel like I’m in a time warp. The Aigo MID is one of the first MIDs that folks were able to get their hands on. Rob and I got to take a look at one close up at CES2009, and the rep in the booth told us we’d see Windows 7 […]