Looking for some Tablet PC tips?

Thanks to their readers, the folks at www.StudentTabletPC.com have collected a vast array of Tablet PC tips. In addition to making them available via a Tip of the Day, they are also published at their master list page. Kudos to the StudentTabletPC.com and to their readers for supplying such a great collection of tips.

New update from Agilix for GoBinder 2006

On Friday, I wrote about some troubling issues regarding the performance and bug issues that many users have been experiencing since upgrading to GoBinder 2006. Agilix has been steadily at work at trying to address these issues and have released a new build (2117). If you use GoBinder 2006, go to Help, Check For Updates and you […]

There is a business need for the UMPC

My full ““video” review of the LS800 Tablet PC will come later next week, but I wanted to post a few comments that I’ve been able to glean so far and touch on Dennis’ post. Even though the LS800 is priced way too high to be considered a ““companion” device, I think I’m finally beginning […]

Ultra-Mobile PC’s – Are they for Business?

– All the product direction information I have heard has aimed the Ultra-Mobile PC squarely at the consumer market. The Tablet PC has been seen as the business device, yet has had a pretty good acceptance at the conumer level. In the back of my mind, I have had this continuing question; why would a […]

New Tablet and related Podcast from OnTheRun with JK and Marc!

– An new Podcast (#17) from OnTheRun is up! Have you ever listened to the these guys do a podcast? If not, then you are really missing something. It’s something like a low key Jazz radio show meets a techno news show, and the result is a laid back and relaxed discussion of good things […]

Betanews interviews Otto Berkes

– In this interview released today, Betanews spends some time with Otto Berkes, head of the Origami / UMPC team at Microsoft on “UMPC: Why Microsoft Thinks You Need It“. Here is a teaser from the full article: “Microsoft believes consumers are looking for an uncompromised level of computing on the go. Thus, it began […]

Dear Frank Gocinski, BLOG MORE PLEASE!

– I submit this info under the title, “People I would like to see blog MORE”! If you don’t know Frank Gocinski — well you should. If you have a Tablet PC, you have been where Frank has roamed, even if he is doing it quietly. We need to hassle him to blog more, simnply […]

A (mostly) accurate quick FAQ on UMPC’s …

– There is still so much hype going around about Ultra-Mobile PC’s that it is nice to occasionally come across someone who has taken the time to do some mostly accurate reporting. The facts presented in this article by Michelle Johnson for ComputerWorld magazine is a pretty good place to start if you are just […]

More (a little more) info on PBJ Smart Caddie UMPC …

– Pacebook Japan has updated their UMPC site with a little more information on their upcoming Smart Caddie UMPC in the form of an updated flash movie. Speculation has this as a Japanese release of the TabletKiosk V700, but we cannot confirm that information. It certainly looks like the same uint physically though!The site teases […]

Is GoBinder 2006 an upgrade?

I received the following email from a friend of mine who uses Franklin Covey’s Plan Plus for Windows and recently ““upgraded” from version 4.0 to 5.0. Plan Plus uses the same foundation system as GoBinder 2006. What I’ve been reading on www.TabletPCBuzz.com , Agilix’s support forum, and this email really has me concerned. Have you played […]

A video of how a UMPC will work

Hugo Ortega has posted a video demoing how a touch UMPC will work. He did this using a touch Tablet PC and the UMPC Emulator that software developers are using to test their apps. This video gives a good sense of what to expect from the UMPC.

Transcript audio from OneNote?

Chris Pratley passes along a great tip on transcripting audio recorded in OneNote. Great tip! I just got a great tip from a colleague at work (Richard Sprague) that I wanted to share. Since it is related, I thought I’d also include a tip I got earlier from Barry Brahier. Richard came up with a […]

LS800 just arrived

The LS800 that I ordered to do my review with just arrived. Oh my ..I think I’m in love! Seriously — this thing is small. I’ve got it sitting next to a TC1100 and there is no comparison to how light and portable this thing is. The Mobile Dock that I ordered with it is […]

A touch screen LS800?

James Kendrick has just posted an article on a company, called WEDC, that is modifying the LS800 Tablet PC with touch screen. Very interesting. I’m with James on this one, though. Why would someone want to mess up a perfectly good active digitizer tablet like that? Apparently there must be demand for it, though. Why not just […]

Field2Base releases new video demoing their forms application

John Hill of Allegiance Technology Partners just sent me a video demoing Field2Base, a end-to-end package for forms design, data collection, and communications for companies using Tablet PCs. Below is a snippet from their website, and here is a link to a video demonstrating the application. (9 mb) I’ve been following Field2Base for over a […]

Gartner publishes their analysis on the UMPC

In an interesting and rather telling report, Gartner has published their analysis and recommendations on the Ultra Mobile PC announced last week by Microsoft and Intel. Their conclusion — it has promise, but it has a long ways to go. My take on their report is that we need to take a wait and see approach […]

What would you buy today?

  If you were to buy a new Tablet PC today, which one would you buy and why? Me? I’ll post a comment later and let you know after all the comments have been posted.

What InkShows do you want to see?

We love doing InkShows on GottaBeMobile.com. The word from Dennis is that he is busily at work on MindManager and I’m about to begin work on doing an InkShow on PDF Annotator and Tablet Calendar. I thought I’d poll our readers to find our what your top 3 ““wish list” is. I’ve heard from a couple […]

Scott Eckert offers his take on the UMPC

If you read the interview with Motion Computing’s Scott Eckert, you know that he really didn’t answer the Lifestyle PC question that I posed to him. He couldn’t respond to that question due to NDA, even though the ““ideal specs” were publicly talked about at the Mobile Partners Brief in Redmond. Well, with the device officially announced, Scott […]

OQO shifting to a vertical focus

Here is some news from PC Magazine on OQO: a retooling effort to shift to the vertical market, a move brought on by their newly announced CEO, Jay Shiveley. In my opinion, this is a smart decision by OQO, but they are going to have to address the achilles heal of the OQO: the transmeta processor. Here is […]