iPad iOS 7 Video: iOS 7 Features on the iPad

The iPad iOS 7 Beta is here with a new look for the iPad.

The iPad iOS 7 beta is finally available for developers and users willing to try the iOS 7 beta. The iPad iOS 7 beta works on the iPad and iPad mini, and today we have a walk-through of the new iPad iOS 7 features on the iPad 3. iOS 7 is a new version of […]

DuckDuckGo vs. Google Search

DuckDuckGo vs Google (3)

For millions, privacy on the internet is a major concern. For these people, how much information an online company is collecting about them is important, and so is what companies do with their information. For a long time, these users were looked at by technology companies as outliers, people who were vocal yes, but very […]

How to Get the iPad iOS 7 Beta Now

The iPad iOS 7 Beta is now available.

The iPad iOS 7 beta for iPad and iPad mini is now available to users that want to try the iOS 7 beta without installing it on the phone they carry with them every day. Apple just released the iOS 7 beta 2 with support for the iPad and iPad mini. This new version of […]

Nokia Enlists Zombies to Promote It’s Camera Optics, Lumia 925

nokia zombies

A new web commercial for the Nokia Lumia 925 attempts to drive home the message that Nokia’s latest flagship is simply better at taking photos in low-light situations. The video, which was posted to the NokiaHomeBase YouTube page this past week, forgoes the company’s usual mix of trance music and lighthearted photo situations. Instead the […]

iOS 7 Beta 2 Arrives with Voice Memos and More

The iOS 7 beta 2 download is available now with un-announced features and fixes.

Apple’s iOS 7 beta 2 just landed for the iPhone and iPod touch bringing unknown bug fixes and features users running the private iOS 7 beta. This is the second iOS 7 beta, which will likely be followed with many more as Apple looks to tweak the performance of iOS 7 and add-on additional iOS 7 […]

Preorders Begin for the Galaxy Tab 3 Family of Tablets


Samsung will debut the new Galaxy Tab 3 devices in the United States in just two weeks. The devices, which will be available for pre-order tomorrow, include the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. In addition to getting the device itself, Samsung will also ship each […]

Reports: Sony to Announce Xperia SmartWatch with NFC

Sony Xperia Smartwatch

The upcoming Sony Xperia Smartwatch, coming as part of the line’s impending refresh, will feature a capacitive touch screen and NFC support, if recent reports are to be believed. According to a source who spoke exclusively with CNET, the smartwatch that Sony is expected to debut at the Mobile Asia Expo this week will be […]

iPhone 5 Deals: Cheap iPhone 5 Sales for Summer 2013

iPhone 5 Deals arrive for June 2013 with big savings.

iPhone 5 deals arrived in full force in June to welcome in Summer with cheap iPhone 5 sales at many retailers, knocking the price down to $0 in some cases and offering at least $50 in savings for anyone who wants to buy an iPhone 5. Apple normally limits iPhone 5 deals, but the gloves […]

Amazon Uses Placeholder Xbox One Release Date

Xbox One

Late last week Amazon put a release date on the Xbox One, but gamers shouldn’t expect their console pre-orders to arrive on the listed November 27 release date: it’s just a placeholder. Amazon currently lists the Xbox One release date as November 27, but the date is not the official release date, merely a placeholder […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release: Insider Tips Production in August

This could be a photo of a Galaxy Note 3 or a Note 3 prototype.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release is likely set for shortly after September based on a plethora of rumors, and the latest comment from a company insider lines up with what we’ve been hearing. Samsung is as predictable as Apple when it comes to the Galaxy Note launches, which is why a September Galaxy Note […]

Sony to Refresh Xperia Z with Snapdragon 800 Processor


Following Samsung’s lead in refreshing its Galaxy S4 flagship with Qualcomm’s beefy Snapdragon 800 processor, it appears that Sony may be doing the same with its Xperia Z smartphone. Though Sony Mobile Communications hasn’t offered any information on an Xperia Z powered by the Snapdragon 800 chipset, famed leakster @EldarMurtazin had turned to Twitter to announce […]

New Leaked iPhone 5S Images Again Point to Dual-LED Flash Unit


Following leaked images that reveal the dual-LED flash and a larger battery on Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5S refresh this fall, a new set of images confirm the dual-LED flash, showing what may be the biggest visual upgrade to the flagship smartphone’s design. From what we can tell so far, the iPhone 5S looks identical […]

Facebook Reader is a Flipboard, HTC BlinkFeed Competitor


After an unsuccessful attempt at conquering the mobile space with the Facebook Home launcher UI on the HTC First, Facebook may be working on a second UI that will allow users to quickly access status updates, wall posts, and news feeds. According to the Wall Street Journal, the project is called Facebook Reader, and the interface […]