Google Promotes Nexus 7 Ahead of iPad mini 2 Launch (Video)

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Google is at it again promoting its new Nexus 7 tablet with the release of two new TV ad spots. Both which were released with perfect timing considering this afternoon Apple finally announced the new iPad and iPad mini will be revealed on the 22nd of October. With a few days to wait before we […]

Ad Tracking Possible Through Accelerometers, Researchers Claim

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

Accelerometers are quite the engineering feat, allowing users to control various things on the software-end by simply moving around their handsets. However, researchers have found that accelerometers can also be used to track web usage in order to provide catered ads to users. Researchers at Stanford University┬áhave discovered a way to distinguish and track individual […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear Ads Prove That Fantasy Is Now Reality

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Over the weekend, Samsung launched a new ad campaign to show off its new Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The ads show off many instances in TV shows and movies where “smartwatches” were used, such as in Star Trek, The Jetsons and Knight Rider. Of course, these were all fictional worlds, but Samsung is touting that its […]

Apple Airs New iPhone 5c Ad, Full Keynote Available on YouTube

iphone-5s-5c (1)

Apple is going primetime, as it aired a new iPhone 5c ad during the Emmy award ceremony last night.┬áThe new commercial is identical to the ad that the company played during its September 10 media event, but it’s a bit shorter and adds a few new scenes to make a little snappier and fast-paced. So […]

Will Instagram Be Rolling Out Ads Within the Next Year?


After announcing that it had hit 150 million users, Instagram also announced plans to bring advertisements to the mobile photography app at some point within the next year. The service is currently in the process of getting a handful of advertisers to climb on board and deliver ads to Instagram in the near future. Of […]

Blackberry vs Apple: The Ad That Did Not Run


Call me crazy, but I wish we’d see more advertising chutzpah like this when it comes to countering Apple’s marketing mastery. I’m not against Apple or its products at all, but I think too many companies let Apple define them allow Cupertino to dominate unnecessarily (Hello, Microsoft). Well at least the folks at RIM show […]