Rayman Jungle Run Review

Rayman Jungle Run

In recent years most gamers know Ubisoft mostly because of the Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance series, but Ubisoft also has a mascot of its own, and now he has his own game on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Last year Rayman came back to consoles with Rayman Origins, and now he’s on mobile platforms in […]

Kingdom Rush for iPad Review

Kingdom Rush for iPad Review

Kingdom Rush for iPad is a tower defense that is worth way more than its $.99 price tag. It delivers countless hours of entertainment in an extremely well done package that will delight both fans of the genre and casual gamers alike. The game is a game by Armor Games and while it doesn’t do […]

Machinarium for iPad Review


Machinarium for iPad is a must-have for those that love games that combine both adventure and puzzles. And because of its easy gameplay, beautiful graphics, fantastic soundtrack and relatively cheap price tag, it also warrants a look from iPad owners who are searching for a new game to try. The game comes from Czech studio Amanita […]

PDF Converter for iPad Gives You Control Over Your Documents [Review]

PDF Converter

PDF Converter is an iPad app from Readdle, the developer of some great apps like Calendars and ReaddelDocs. PDF Converter converts documents, web pages, pictures and other things to a PDF file that is suitable for sharing or backing up for later use. The app is simple to use and, while it is not a cheap app […]

The Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps – Summer Apps [June 2011]

hulu Plus for iPad

Now that summer is officially in full swing, we thought we’d bring you the best apps for using while travelling this summer. We chose the categories below because they would be useful while on a road trip, waiting for a plane or in a hotel room. You can read, watch video, or play a couple […]

PAC-MAN Free Today in Amazon App Store for Android


PAC-MAN is the free Android app from the Amazon App Store today. Normally it costs $.99 so save yourself a buck and get a fun version of the classic arcade game. We downloaded the game and were happy to find that it is the classic game and not some ridiculous updated version that steals away […]

How To Tether To Your Android Phone with WiFi Tether

Wi-Fi Tether app

WiFi Tether is an app for rooted Android phones that lets you use your phone as a wireless hotspot. This allows users to bypass carriers’ built-in Wi-Fi hotspot software, which is especially helpful on phones that come with unreliable hotspot apps, such as the HTC Thunderbolt. Installing the WiFi Tether App Keep in mind you […]