Guitar Link UCG102 Review: Computer or iPad as Amp or Recording Studio

behringer guitar link ucg102

Behringer’s Guitar Link UCG102 connects a guitar to a computer or an iPad turning them into an amp and recording studio. It connects via USB and sends the audio signal from the guitar to the computer or iPad. The Guitar UCG102Link works well and gives pretty decent sound for amateur situations or for simple recording […]

GottaBeFunded: playGo AP1 Retrofits Your Speakers with Airplay


If you wish your speaker system included AirPlay technology, but you don’t want to replace your system with one that’s AirPlay compatible, the playGo AP1 from BICOM, Inc. will do the trick. This Kickstarter project receives audio from your iOS device or Mac using AirPlay technology giving you the option to continue listening to the same […]

iHome iB40 Headphones: Decent Sound at Budget Price


If you’re looking for a budget set of headphones that still produce decent sound and rich bass, then you should give the iHome iB40 Headphones a look. They’re comfortable, have an understated look, and produce good sound for the money. I hate ear buds! When I’m around the house and want to listen to some music […]

iHome SD63 Soundesign Retro-style Headphones Uncomfortable: Review


If you hate ear buds as much as I do, especially the uncomfortable white pair that come with iPhones, then a pair of over-the-ear headphones like iHome’s Soundesign branded SD63 Retro-style Hi-Fidelity Stereo Headphones might offer an alternative. This set of cans looks cool with the seventies style retro look. They remind me of something […]

iPhone to Android Part Three – Cost of Switching

Android eats and Apple

After owning an iPhone switching to an Android can be costly. I’m not talking about the initial outlay to buy the phone or even the cost of the monthly bill from my wireless carrier. Instead, there are costs like apps to replace those used on an iPhone and all those accessories. This can be the […]