Verizon Nexus 6 Release Arrives With a Small Delay


Yesterday, after weeks of rumors and speculation following months of silence from the carrier, the Verizon Nexus 6 release date was officially announced and confirmed. As of today the Verizon Nexus 6 is finally available, just as promised, however there’s a slight delay on shipping and it appears that this is only a pre-order. Back […]

HTC One Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Delayed


The HTC One M8 Android 5.0 Lollipop update officially kicked off in early January after a little over two months of waiting since Google first released the software back in November. HTC promised quick and timely updates for many of its smartphones, but this weekend we received some bad news. The HTC One and HTC […]

Nexus 9 LTE Release Date Delayed


Google’s brand new Nexus 9 tablet has been available for slightly over a month since getting announced back on October 15th, but there’s still no good news regarding the 4G LTE variant. Last month was our first solid set of details surrounding when the Nexus 9 LTE would be released, but today we have bad […]

HTC One Android 5.0 Update Pushed Back for Some


The release and update to Android 5.0 Lollipop hasn’t been as smooth as many had hoped, with Google seeing delays and slowly pushing out updates to each Nexus device. To make things worse we received bad news today. Last week we confirmed the HTC One Google Play Edition devices would get Android 5.0 early this […]

Nexus 6 Release Hits Another Snag


While this morning we confirmed the good news that Google’s Nexus 6 release is picking up steam and becoming more readily available for prospective buyers, new details have emerged revealing another Nexus 6 release setback. It looks like the release and inventory could be further delayed for some due to a software bug. The Nexus […]

Nexus 6 Release Delayed for Some


The Nexus 6 release date has been a complete mystery since the October 15th announcement, and today potential buyers have received both good and bad news. This morning Nexus 6 release news arrived from two carriers, but we’re now hearing T-Mobile has delayed the launch another week. When Google announced its all new Nexus 6, […]

Nexus 6 Release Date Runs into Roadblock

Here's a quick look at standout features.

Google’s impressive new Nexus 6 smartphone which was announced last week is set to hit multiple carriers in the United States in early November, but the release date is still largely a mystery for most. To add even more confusion to Google’s latest smartphone launch, we’re now hearing the Nexus 6 release could be facing […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Popularity Blamed for Release Delays (Video)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is facing delays due to high demand.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release is not going off as smoothly as Samsung hoped, as multiple carriers are pushing back the Galaxy S4 release dates for online sales and for in store launches. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S4 delays are tied to overwhelming demand in the new smartphone, and not supply chain issues, though […]

HTC One Release: Additional Delays & Shortages Into Late April

New reports point to HTC One release date delays and shortages into late Apri..

The HTC One release is facing another delay which cause shortages throughout April and ultimately could push the HTC One release date up against the Samsung Galaxy S4 release. Despite HTC’s statement that the HTC One release will take place in UK, Germany and Taiwan this week, multiple sources are pointing to an additional delay which […]

Samsung ATIV S Delayed For Europe

Samsung ATIV S

The Samsung ATIV S, the company’s first Windows Phone 8 device likely won’t see release in 2012 according to a Sam Mobile report. The Samsung ATIV S was the first official WIndows Phone 8 smartphone, but it looks like it is the last of the first wave to make it to market. T-Mobile in Germany […]

Nexus 7’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Update Delayed by Google


Originally promised for a launch on October 29th for the Nexus 7, Google’s next-generation Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software update seems to have hit a snag as the tablet’s manufacturer, Asus, has confirmed that it is still waiting for Google to deliver the code to begin pushing out to consumers. According to Asus, the update […]

Asus Cites Snapdragon S4 Shortage for Padfone Delay


It looks like Asus’ transforming Padfone smartphone-tablet-netbook device has missed its April debut date in Taiwan and the manufacturer of the device cites Qualcomm’s shortage of the Snapdragon S4 processor as the reason. Initially, the Padfone would have debuted in Taiwan in April and the company would launch the device in more markets shortly after, […]

Are Display Issues to Blame for iPhone 5 Release Date Delays?

iphone 5 edge to edge rendering

Normally we have to wait for an iPhone announcement or iPhone release before we hear of display issues, but according to Digitimes, one manufacturer of iPhone 5 displays has found a defect that could contribute to shortages in 2012. According to Digitimes’ source, Winter has found a  “delayed bubble” defect with displays headed for the iPhone 5. This defect reportedly […]

iPhone 5 Release Date of Oct. 13th Tipped By Early AT&T Upgrades

iPhone 5 Release Date on ATT

We are expecting an iPhone 5 announcement on October 4th, with an actual release coming soon after. Now, thanks to reader Mat Barry, we know that October 13th could possibly be the release date for the iPhone 5. Granted, this date may very a little from the actual iPhone 5 release date, but this is the first […]

iPhone 5 Announcement On for October 4th, Release Date Close Behind

tim cook iPhone 5 release date

The iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled by Apple on October 4th at a media event which will include our first look at the iPhone 5 and a solid iPhone 5 release date. Update: October 13th is looking like a possible iPhone 5 release date due to early iPhone upgrade offers on AT&T. According […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Announcement Expected October 5th

iPhone 5 release date

An Apple employee has reportedly leaked more details about the iPhone 5 release date. According to an un-named Apple employee Apple is set to announce the iPhone 5 and the launch of iOS 5 on October 5th. This day, 5-5-5 wouldn’t hit a jackpot in a casino, but it is already delivering returns for Apple […]

iPhone 5 Delays and Shortages Possible Through 2012

If you can’t wait for the iPhone 5, hang on to your seat. Sources have told 9to5Mac that Apple is experiencing issues with at least one production line that could cause a further delay in the launch of a new redesigned iPhone 5 with a teardrop shape and a larger screen. The delays come weeks […]

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 9350 Delayed Until October


Sprint had just announced that its newly unveiled BlackBerry Curve 9350 is missing its targeted September launch date. The non-touchscreen BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone will instead be launching a few weeks later on October 2nd, according to the Now Network, due to ‘unexpected circumstances.’ The Curve 9350, while being a consumer-centric smartphone with the Bold series […]

Fujitsu TH40 Sliding PC Tablet Gets Postponed Indefinitely

Fujitsu postpone the sales of its new TH40D Tablet in Japan

Fujitsu’s TH40, the company’s answer to the Samsung Slider 7 shown at CES, is now postponed indefinitely without much explanations. The company is only citing development delays as the cause of the problem, but it’s unclear what these delays entail. The Fujitsu TH40 is another form factor for a netvertible with a tablet touchscreen on […]