Wacom’s WILL Shares Digital Ink Across Devices


Digital Inkers take note. And developers of Digital Applications do so as well. Wacom is talking about its new tool, Project WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) which will essentially use Digital Ink as a language that can be shared across devices, applications, browsers, and essentially any screen that takes up the language. The idea is […]

I’ve Got a New Favorite Stylus: Aponyo Click Stylus


The search for the perfect stylus to use with an iPad is a never ending one. I’ve tried many and quite a few work well and get the job done. But I’ve added a new one to the mix (actually two new ones) and they come from a company called Aponyo. Aponyou manufacturers styli, headphones […]

Penultimate Wrist Protection Makes Inking on iPad Very Possible


Uh, oh. Methinks that I will be taking rehearsal notes in Digital Ink for my next show on the iPad after all. Inkers who have been hoping for some iPad app that makes Inking possible the way Tablet PC users are used to doing so have largely been disappointed so far. There have been some […]

Inkers Cast a Wary Eye on Apple Tablet Debut


As the announcement of the mythical Apple Tablet creeps closer, and as I’m cranking up an HP 2730p Tablet PC to go back into Ink note taking mode for the final week of rehearsals for The Buddy Holly Story at Wayside Theatre, I know there are quite a few Inkers out there who are a […]

Video of Inking on HP tm2

In a comment to a post on jkOnTheRun Shogmaster apparently got some hands on time with the HP tm2 and tried out some inking. The video is embedded below. As I watch it, though it looks like his hand is away from the screen, not resting on it, so we’re still looking for info on […]

Apple Tablet Rumors Begin to Focus on Software


The great dark cloud that has been hanging over every CES2010 Tablet/Slate announcement continues to form on the horizon as the great gadget show in the desert begins to draw to a close. There have been as many new Apple Tablet/Slate rumors as there have been new Tablet/Slate devices unveiled it seems. One that is […]

Text Input on Tablets and Why This Needs Attention

James Kendrick has started a meme that should be an important one for Tablet manufacturers should be paying attention to. Essentially James’ point is that we don’t just consume media on our Tablets but we interact with them and that interaction needs some form of good text entry. This interaction can be using social media […]

Sign Documents on Your IPhone with Zosh App


One of the benefits of owning a Tablet PC is being able to sign a document with digital ink and send it back post haste. It is always impressive when you do this with a client, and in fact, it is one of the many benefits of Tablet computing with ink. Just this week, I […]

Ink on an E-Reader: Enter the BeBook2


Glad to see this starting to happen, although I’m sure we’ve got a ways to go. The BeBook2 e-reader was unveiled at the end of CeBIT this week, although things are still not nailed down yet. What’s potentially exciting about the BeBook2 from Endless Ideas is that it incorporates at least some Inking. Looks like […]

ENote Concept is Not a Digital Post-It-Note


I love Yanko Designs. I discover interesting concepts and thinking there all the time. We’ve seen any number of digital versions of the venerable Post-It-Notes concept for computers and the like, but this one looks kind of interesting, especially if you’re into the green thing. Note that they say don’t call  the E-Note  from Sequoia […]