Next Xbox Could Have Cross-Platform Achievements

Microsoft’s next Xbox console may include new cross-platform achievements that gamers can unlock on their smartphones, social sharing features, and anti-piracy tools as publisher-controlled DRM options. The current Xbox 360 lets gamers control their console through the SmartGlass app, though for games the app doesn’t do much aside from show gamers statistics. The next hardware version […]

Google Clarifies Google Music Authentication DRM System


After users had learned about Google implementing DRM measures on its cloud-streaming Google Music service that limits not only the number of devices that can be activated to a single account but also the number of devices that could be deactivated in a single year so that users can activate new or other devices, Google […]

HD Movies And TV Coming To Samsung Galaxy Note Media Hub

Samsung Media Hub HD for Mobile

If you’ve ever poked your head into Samsung’s Media Hub on the Galaxy Note you may have noticed that all of the movies and TV episodes on offer are in standard definition (SD) and not HD. That’s sad-making since the Note has an HD resolution and a large, gorgeous display that’s perfect for watching media. […]

Fox Becomes First Studio to Allow Movie Sideloading on Android


Fox will offer digital downloads of movies that will be playable on Android smartphones, marking the film studio as the first in the industry to allow such a feature for Android devices. Digital downloads playable on Android devices will debut in October, and the first title available will be X-Men: First Class. The digital download […]

New BlockBuster App for Droid Charge Blocks Rooted Users, Calls Them Out in The Process

Blockbuster for Droid Charge

It appears that BlockBuster’s new application for Verizon’s Samsung Droid Charge is blocking rooted users and preventing them from accessing movies. This comes just a few days after it became apparent that Google’s new movie rental feature through the Android Marketplace was inaccessible to rooted Motorola Xoom owners. Xoom owners trying to rent movies through […]

Hulu Plus Launching Soon for Select Android 2.2 Smartphones


Hulu Plus, a staple of the few streaming video apps on iOS, is coming soon to select Android devices. Though a specific launch date wasn’t specified, Engadget reported that one of its readers had spotted the Hulu Plus service on a Google Samsung Nexus S smartphone, which runs Android 2.3. The image found on Hulu’s […]

Big Brother Is Knocking and It’s Amazon at the Door

I have to say, this move by Amazon has me a bit concerned. It turns out that the publisher of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 (yes, of all books) decided that they didn’t want to have an electronic edition of their book being made available any longer to Kindle users. So, Amazon wirelessly deleted […]

DRM Issues with Amazon Kindle are Confusing

Over the weekend, Dan Cohen of Gear Diary has been waging the good fight in trying to clear up a confusing issue regarding the Amazon Kindle and Amazon’s DRM scheme. The jist of this appears to be that different publishers can set different rules about the number of devices you can download an eBook to. […]

Amazon, Walmart and Others Up Digital Music Prices


You kind of knew it wasn’t going to last and that this would happen. The day after iTunes put its price increase into effect (some songs for as high as $1.29, some as low as $.69), the other big online music retailers followed suit. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lala, and Rhapsody,   have now raised their prices […]

iTunes Drops DRM Adds Variable Pricing


As expected and talked about previously, Apple’s iTunes has dropped the dreaded Digital Rights Managment (DRM) and added variable pricing to the iTunes store. There are now a range of prices ranging from $.69 a song   up to $1.29. Of course the $1.29 price tag is for songs deemed hot and in demand, while […]

Ten Cents A Dance, er Song, with Lala


This may turn out to be an interesting development in the digital music biz. Lala is offering a new cloud model for purchasing and listening to music. In addition to purchasing DRM free music for 90 cents a cut (some will cost more) from the service, you can plop down one thin dime, leave that […]