Will Pirates Disrupt the eBook Party?

The NY Times published an article that asks if books will be “Napsterized.”  RapidShare is a major distributor of pirated eBooks and the company doesn’t seem to mind all that much. In 1997 I was in college and remember the birth of illegal music sharing. A few students used applications like Hotline to download music […]

Color Readers Coming to the eBook Wars


eBook Readers are everywhere. I’m half expecting to start seeing them in local discount retailers like CVS by Christmas. And maybe with a splash of color. Google has teamed up with British company Interead to bring the slew of Google Books to Interead’s Coolerbooks store. But that’s not all Interead also manufactures the COOL-ER eReader […]

ASUS to launch an Eee-reader

Word out of Digitimes is that ASUS has an e-book reader in the works, which I daresay should be known as an “Eee-reader,” and MSI may not be far behind. Asustek Computer plans to launch an e-book reader under its Eee brand by the end of 2009 at the earliest, according to company president Jerry […]

Create Your Own eBooks


I was listening to the MacBreak Weekly podcast yesterday while driving back and forth between meetings and Andy Ihnatko mentioned he was looking into methods of creating his own eBooks. I’ve often thought that there must be a method to do this. It would be very handy in my case as we work with a […]

Barnes & Noble Offering Free Books if You Use Their Reader


The eBook wars have been heating up for awhile and I’m sure they’ll continue for some time to come as everyone wants you to buy your eBooks from their store. Barnes & Noble is offering you 6 free books (The Last of the Mohicans, Sense and Sensibilty, Little Women, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, and a […]

eBook Makers Talking to AT&T and Verizon


I’m surprised it has taken this long for this to start becoming a target. I’ve long felt like the real story of the Amazon Kindle eBook reader was the delivery system that features over the air purchase via Sprint. The key there is not only creating a quick and easy purchase on demand system, but […]

Plastic Logic’s Digital e-Book Reader on Video

Plastic Logic’s e-Book Reader has captured a lot of imagination since it was first unveiled at Demo 08. This video from the BBC gives us an interesting look at the device. I’m not sure if it is the lighting or not, but in the video it makes it look very much like a tablet. No, […]

Ballmer: Newspapers and Magazines Will Be Dead in 10 Years

Steve Ballmer had some interesting things to say in this Washington Post interview, echoing outgoing Bill Gates thoughts on print vs digital media: within 10 years, there will be no print based newspapers or magazines. It will be delivered in electronic form. Is Mr. Ballmer right? Well, I can tell you that I have not […]

GBM Interview: Aaron Walker, Children’s Author

We have quite the talented group of readers here at GottaBeMobile.com. One of our readers, Aaron Walker, just started his own eBook publishing company, Walk Broad Publishing and has published his first children’s picture book, “Good Morning, Friend Moon“. I recently had the pleasure of reading “Good Morning, Friend Moon” to my children the other […]

Going Mobile to St. Louis – Part 2 – What Happened to My Kindle?

Prior to leaving for St. Louis, I had wonderful images in my mind of sitting back in a chair next to Maggie’s hospital bed and reading. There is nothing more relaxing than getting lost in a good book, and a hospital room is a good place to do just that. Well, something happened between those […]

Amazon Acquires Audible

Wow. Amazon certainly seems to be shaking things up in the digital media space: first MP3’s, then the Kindle, now acquiring Audible, the king of the audio book space. I wonder when we will see audio books on the Kindle? Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Audible Inc. […]

GBM InkShow: Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader Digital Book Head to Head

  One of the best things I’ve purchased in quite some time was an e-book reader, namely the Amazon Kindle. Being new to the electronic book area, I have found the experience to be quite enjoyable. Sierra, on the other hand, has been using an e-book reader for a long time, namely the Sony Reader […]

Sharing Books On Multiple Kindles

My wife has taken a sudden interest in my Kindle, after buying Jan Karon’s latest book “Home to Holly Springs” last night. She began reading it right away, and that experience in itself sold her on the value of the Kindle. She was reading in to the night, and told me this morning that she likes it. […]

GBM Shortcut: Amazon Kindle, Up Close and Personal – Part 3

In part 3 of our Amazon Kindle series, we get up close and personal with some book reading and web browsing. In addition, to doing some requisite book reading and notetaking, I show everyone what kind of web browsing will work, and what won’t work. Hint: Javascript isn’t supported, so there won’t be any Google […]

My Family’s Impressions of the Kindle

Here are some initial impressions from my family after using the Kindle tonight: Without showing any of them how to use it, they instinctively wanted to touch menu options rather than use the scroller to navigate and select. My 13 year-old son, Dax, and 11 year-old daughter, Maggie, immediately commented how useful it would be in school if […]

GBM Shortcut: Amazon Kindle Unboxing

ok – Here it is – The GottaBeMobile Amazon Kindle Unboxing video. We’ll get you more coverage in the coming days and weeks, but hopefully this will get everyone a little insight on what to expect out of the box and how it works from a navigation standpoint. The Kindle is not ugly at all […]

Kindle Demo Video

I’ve been watching Amazon’s Kindle Demo video while impatiently waiting for UPS to deliver my Kindle. I’ve also purchased three books, while waiting, to see how Kindle handles the automatic download. Gadget arrival day will certainly try your patience. It struck me while watching the video, how similar it is to the early Tablet PC videos, […]

Kindle On Its Way – Video Coming Soon

This is exciting – my first experience with a dedicated eBook device. What could be better – a Tablet PC enthusiast checking out eBook device – a match made in heaven! My Kindle should be here any moment, and I’ll be posting up a quick-look video after it arrives….stay tuned.   Technorati Tags: Kindle, eBooks, […]

Ordered a Kindle for GBM, Can Start Buying Books Now

I ordered our Amazon Kindle for GBM today, and promptly received the following email from Amazon Kindle Support. Pretty cool. Notice that you can go ahead and start buying books right away for the Kindle, even before it arrives. Such a shame – this has missed opportunity for Tablet PC all over it. Thank you […]

Anyone Going to Give the Amazon Kindle a Read?

Newsweek has more details on Amazon’s Kindle device and service, which begins shipping tomorrow for $399. Looks very similar to a Tablet PC and UMPC, huh? I doubt it supports ink, but it sure would have been nice. Like Scoble, I wish Microsoft would have gotten their Tablet PC team on to this. It screams tablet. Oh […]