Intel Reader Introduced

Intel’s health group is getting in on the eReader game. While the Kindle, Nook and others try to replicate a natural book reading experience, the Intel Reader is built specifically for people that have trouble reading print, including those with dyslexia, low-vision or blindness. The Intel Reader ca take pictures of text and read it […]

The Nook is Genius


Barnes & Noble, I have to hand it to you. I’ve been watching eReaders with great interest, not for myself, but for my wife who is an avid dead tree reader (me, not so much) and my job, which is in publications. Credit to Amazon and their Kindle for breathing life into the field and […]

PopSci turns a Tablet PC into an eReader


The magazine known to the kids as PopSci (and to me as Popular Science) has a write-up in their November issue about how to turn an old Tablet PC into a DIY Kindle. Well, sort of. The gist is to buy an old Tablet PC with a D-pad and Windows XP (they suggest an old […]

Barnes & Noble e-Reader May Be Coming Soon


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Barnes & Noble will be releasing its own e-Reader in time for the holidays. The Barnes & Noble device is rumored to have a 6″ multi-touch display that’s manufactured by E-Ink Corp. A Gizmodo blogger’s talked to a source that claims to be developing software for the Barnes […]

ASUS to launch an Eee-reader

Word out of Digitimes is that ASUS has an e-book reader in the works, which I daresay should be known as an “Eee-reader,” and MSI may not be far behind. Asustek Computer plans to launch an e-book reader under its Eee brand by the end of 2009 at the earliest, according to company president Jerry […]

New Sony Readers: Pocket, Touch, and now Daily Editions


Sony dropped a new ebook reader today, rounding out their line by hitting three sweet spots – affordability and portability, touchscreen navigation, and now mobile connectivity with extra-wide viewability – with the Pocket, Touch, and now Daily Editions of the Sony Reader, respectively. Sadly, you can’t get the best features of all three in one, […]

Textbooks Coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch


It looks like the Amazon Kindle DX will have some competition in the textbook market. The AppleBlog is linking to a Wall St. Journal report (subscription required) saying that 12 major textbook publishers including McGraw Hill and Pearson will be making their wares available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The program is being operated […]

Sony rolling out more Kindle competition


The best time to kick a rival is when he’s down, and with everyone piling on Amazon, including anti-DRM group Defective by Design, Sony could not have picked a better time to roll out new, lower-priced e-readers, the  PRS-300 and PRS-600, and lower-priced ebooks too. Per WSJ: Sony Corp. plans to offer two new e-reader […]

The eBook Wars Are On


Barnes and Noble is gearing up to take on Amazon’s vaunted Kindle business.   B&N is planning to use the Plastic Logic eReader in 2010 in the device wars. Something like this has been coming since B&N purhcased Fictonwise earlier this year, and they already have released an iPhone app that features that technology. The […]

eReaders to Drive Tablet PC Further Into a Niche?

Interesting comments are being tossed around about what the Kindle DX, the Kindle 2, and other eReader devices mean for the tablet pc space. Loren Heiney has an excellent write up about how this is the year of the slate form factor – think iPhone, Kindle, Kindle DX, etc. Notice he doesn’t say “Tablet PC”. […]

More Folks Picking Up Electronic Books

Good article from the New York Time on the popularity of electronic book readers.   Between the Kindle and the iPhone, I can’t of another set of devices that have so captured the attention of my friends and family. Is an eBook reader on your Christmas list? For a decade, consumers mostly ignored electronic book […]