Verizon Retiring Samsung Fascinate: What Will Replace It?


The original Samsung Galaxy S model for Verizon Wireless, known as the Fascinate, is getting retired by the carrier nearly a year after the device launched. The retired status of the phone means that it will probably be hard to find the phone in the future as Verizon will probably just sell out current inventory […]

August Launch of Verizon Galaxy S II May Lack 4G LTE


Based on Motorola’s conference call, Droid-Life is deducing that if the Sasmung-made Galaxy S II is launched in August, that device would lack 4G LTE. The reasoning behind this is due to Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha stating that the Droid Bionic launching in September would be the first phone in the world to feature both […]

iPhone to Android Part One – Making the Switch

Android v iPhone

Since Best Buy is offering a free Samsung Fascinate this week, I picked one up. It isn’t the latest & greatest Android smartphone, since it came out last fall. But it is a nice Android phone running Froyo thanks to the update a couple of weeks ago and who can beat free – at least […]

Samsung Captivate and Samsung Fascinate Available for Free at Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy, as expected, has announced that it is holding a free smartphone promotion that begins today and lasts through Saturday. Unfortunately though, the HTC Inspire 4G is not the phone that is available on AT&T as was anticipated. Best Buy’s promotion includes three phones from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. For AT&T it’s the Samsung […]

Samsung Fascinate Froyo Update Officially Rolling Out April 21st

Froyo for Fascinate

Verizon has announced via Twitter that the Samsung Fascinate Froyo update will finally make its way to owners starting tomorrow, April 21st. The announcement has been a long time coming as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have updated their Galaxy S series devices to Froyo over the past couple of months leaving Fascinate owners wondering when […]

Again I Ask, Where Is The Samsung Fascinate Froyo Update?

Samsung Fascinate

I don’t own a Samsung Fascinate. I don’t own a Samsung Galaxy S device. I don’t even use an Android phone as my primary handset. Yet, for some reason, the fact that Verizon has yet to put out the Samsung Fascinate Froyo update continues to bother me. I get lots of emails from frustrated Fascinate […]

Verizon Pushes Fix to Samsung Fascinate to Fix Emergency Dialer


A major congratulations to Verizon Wireless for rolling out a fix so promptly. After we had reported that there was a bug with the current firmware of the Samsung Fascinate, a variant of the Galaxy S for Verizon’s network, the carrier has been hard at work and is now pushing a firmware update to rectify […]

Verizon Warns Emergency Dialer May Not Work on Samsung Fascinate


U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless had sent out a massive text message campaign to users of its Samsung Fascinate, a Galaxy S variant for the carrier, warning users that the Android smartphone’s emergency dialer may not work when using a pattern lock screen. According to the carrier, the bug is present for users of the DL09 […]

Samsung Promises Android 2.2 Froyo Status Updates for Galaxy S Smartphones


With the conspiracy theory that Samsung may be holding back the Android 2.2 Froyo update for its Galaxy S smartphones, which launched with Android 2.1, in favor of pushing out newer hardware with Android 2.2 or Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Samsung has taken upon itself to clear the air. In a statement to Phonescoop, the company […]

Samsung Fascinate Video 1st Look


Today I got my hands on the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon. This phone has been out a while already, but I just got it, so I wanted to share my 1st look. The Samsung Fascinate is an Android device running 2.1 and has Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0. This is a very thin phone with a 4.0″ […]