Pipe Simplifies Sharing Big Files With Facebook Friends

The Pipe file sharing application for Facebook.

Pipe, an application for Facebook could make large file transfers even easier between friends on the world’s most popular social network, currently for free. Once users have an enabled the application on their Facebook account, they are able to share files simply by dragging and dropping the things they wish to share onto the system’s […]

SugarSync 2.0 Beta Brings Drag and Drop Sharing and More


SugarSync released the SugarSync 2.0 beta to the public to test the new user interface design, drag and drop file sharing and better data control with a new search button. The company announced the update via the SugarSync blog calling it a “complete redesign” as one can see comparing the two images below. Along with the […]

Droplr Review: 100GB of Online Storage for $3 a Month


Droplr lets users easy and quickly share files between Mac, Windows and iPhone. The new Droplr Pro accounts supercharge the service with 100GB of storage for just $3 per month. Sadly, Droplr doesn’t offer file sync, so it won’t replace Dropbox, Google Drive or Sugar Sync. Droplr makes several file sharing tasks easier and offers […]

Dropbox Makes Sharing Files With Facebook Friends Easier

Dropbox Facebook Connect

Dropbox, the cloud storage service, just made it a lot easier to share your files with friends on Facebook. You no longer need to know your friends’ email addresses to share files with them, now you just need to friend them on Facebook. Dropbox has added Facebook Connect to its service, so now you just […]

Pogoplug Software Turns Your Computers Into Cloud Storage Hubs (Early Access)

Pogoplug iPhone App

Pogoplug is updating their service to turn your computer into your own personal cloud storage hub essentially eliminating the need for one of the company’s Pogoplug hardware devices, although it will work with those devices too. Here are 9 cool new features that make Pogoplug a suitable replacement for Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, Google Music […]

Pogoplug Now Shipping: Access Files from Anywhere


What can $99 buy?   How about the ability to access a USB hard drive from anywhere in the world with no subscription fee.   Cloud Engines has announced that the Pogoplug, a small device that connects a USB hard drive to the Internet, is now shipping.   Touted as easy and secure, the Pogoplug […]