New Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Available for Pre-Order


Amazon’s new Fire HDX 8.9 offers faster specs, better sound and an improved display. Starting at $379, the Fire HDX 8.9 is available for pre-order today at for $379. Amazon is attempting to position the Fire HDX 8.9 against the iPad Air, Apple’s uber-popular tablet and what’s essentially the default tablet for consumers and […]

Microwaving Your Galaxy S III Will Cause It to Explode and Catch Fire


Remember the case of the exploding Galaxy S III smartphone that we had reported? Initially, there were speculations that Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone had overheated and caught fire, but now after an investigation, Samsung is clear from any liability for that case as it is found that the explosion is caused by user abuse. […]

Overheating Galaxy S III Smartphone Catches Fire

It appears that the fire/explosion occurred at the lower portion of the phone where the micro USB port is situated.

The Galaxy S III is one hot device right now with American carriers reporting launch delays due to overwhelming demand and short supply, but another area where Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone is hot may be internally. One user of the international GSM unit noticed some white flames and smoke coming out from his device, […]

Cell Phone Darwin Awards 2012

Burnt phone darwin awards

It’s easy to break a cell phone, but destroying a smartphone in a spectacular fashion takes skill. Taking a page from the Darwin Awards, given to humans that meet their ends in incredibly stupid and spectacular ways, gadget warranty company SquareTrade presents the Cell Phone Darwin Awards. (Read: iPhone 4S Warranty and Insurance Options)  Not everyone needs a warranty, but […]

Kindle Fire Users Experience Wi-Fi or Internet Connectivity Issues


Users of the Amazon Kindle Fire reported in Amazon’s forums that they’ve been having problems with Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The issues could have something to do with the way the Fire uses the Silk browser, which Amazon touted as a revolutionary way to speed up Internet surfing. The browser, unfortunately, hasn’t lived up to the […]

Kindle Fire Handles Archived Books Differently Than Other Kindles


While spending Thanksgiving with family, my wife’s aunt asked a question regarding something I took for granted having to do with the location of all of her old Kindle books on the new Kindle Fire. She, like many new Fire owners, collected dozens of eBooks on her old black and white Kindle. When she ordered […]

Root the Amazon Fire and Forget Prime Video…For Now

Root the Fire and Lose Prime

If you root your Amazon Fire you won’t get much. In fact you’ll get less than the stock experience because apparently, you lose access to the Amazon Prime Video library. According to one person who rooted his Fire, the tablet searches for the su binary (stands for Super User and shows that an Android device […]

Why I Pre-ordered a Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

I just pre-ordered an Amazon Kindle Fire Android tablet, announced today at Amazon’s press event in New York City. Why would I jump without ever seeing the thing? Let me share a few reasons I decided to buy the Kindle Fire today. Android on Amazon’s Ecosystem The most significant draw of this device has to […]

70,000 HP Laptop Batteries Recalled Due To Fire Hazard

In the seemingly never-ending battery fire fiasco, HP has just announced another battery recall. In November, HP issued a recall of over 100,000 batteries due to similar concerns of leakage and possible fire hazards. The affected models this time include the HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario, HP G6000 and G7000 series, and Compaq 6720s. If you […]