Privacy Concerns Lead IBM to Ban Siri At Work


Though employees can still bring their iPhone smartphones to work, IBM’s recently issue policy bars employees from using Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature at work. According to IBM, the reasoning for the ban is due to Siri sending user’s spoken queries to Siri to a remote data server to process speech to text and then […]

IBM Signs Deal with ARM to Develop 14 nm Chips


IBM have inked a deal with ARM to help the latter bring its chipset down down to 14 nm, which would help in increasing power while reducing power consumption. A 14 nm manufacturing process would be significantly down from the 40 nm and 32 nm sizes that are used in today’s ARM chips. The Inquirer […]

IBM Wants Netbook Love


According to a report at Liliputing, it looks like IBM wants to join the great Netbook race and compete with Intel, VIA, ARM, NVidia, and a few we probably don’t know about yet. IBM is working on a 28 nanometer processor and hopes see something on the market in 2010. They are touting that it […]

Lenovo x61t On “Sinking” IBM Commercial


Last night watching Monday Night Football I snagged this from the ‘sinking’ IBM commercial. The commercial doesn’t have anything to do with Tablet PC’s, it’s just a prop… but still, it’s a Tablet PC in a commercial :)

Click through for a larger image of the capture