Instagram 2.0 Arrives for iPhone and iPad

Instagram 2.0

Instagram has released the biggest update in the app’s nearly year old history and it figures to delight those that are using iDevice’s that are running a version of iOS that is above iOS 4.2.1. Dubbed Instagram 2.0, this major update overhauls the photo-filter app that currently boasts over 9 million users on iPhones, iPod […]

Most Amazing iPhone and iPad Keyboard Tip Ever

iPhone keyboard tip

If you type more than a word on the iPhone each day, you need to check out this amazing iPhone keyboard tip that saves you tons of time. Instead of tapping the “.?123″ button tapping your number or punctuation and tapping”ABC” again and again, you can simply slide your finger across the keyboard to access your common punctuation marks and numbers. […] for iPhone Now Available in the App Store for iPhone

The moment many of you have been waiting for has arrived., the social DJing platform that has taken the music world by storm, is now available for consumption on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. No, there is no standalone iPad application yet so those of you who have […]

iOS and iPhone Timeline: From iPhone to iOS 5 in 5 Years

iPhone 3G goes on Sale

Since the introduction in 2007, the iPhone has shaken up the mobile industry with the iPhone, the largest app store, a tightly controlled but beautiful iOS operating system and yearly upgrades to the iPhone. As we approach WWDC 2011 where Apple will announce iOS 5 and may announce an iPhone 5 or may not announce […]

Google Turns Instant Previews on for Mobile

If you’re an Android (2.2+) or iOS 4 user, you can now use Google’s Instant Previews feature, provided that you do your search from Unfortunately you can’t get this unless you go to, as it isn’t available through the Google’s iOS mobile App as of yet. Essentially the feature lets you scroll through […]

iPad 2 Video Roundup

Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 2.55.49 PM

The iPad 2 was announced just a few hours ago, but there’s already a number of interesting videos making the rounds. Here’s the best iPad 2 videos we’ve found so far, both from Apple and from those lucky enough to attend the iPad 2 launch event in San Francisco. The first iPad 2 video you’ll […]

iPad 2 a Ho-Hum Update, iPad 3 the One to Wait For?


Rumors are coming in on the eve of the iPad 2’s launch that the iPad 2 might not live up to all of the hype. It’s not that the iPad 2 will be a poor device, but rather the fact that a third-generation iPad may be released within months, ahead of the busy Christmas shopping […]

Apple iPad 2 Predictions

Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 2.31.47 PM

Apple will introduce the iPad 2 tomorrow morning, putting an end to months of rumors and speculation. I’ve been following the rumors quite closely and think we have a pretty good picture of what the iPad 2 will look like and some of its features. Here’s my take on the iPad 2 rumors and what […]