iOS 8 Details Surface: 5 Things to Know

A big part of IOS 8 will likely be sensor support and a new Healthbook app.

In addition to a new iPhone for 2014, we expect to see a new version of iOS for 2014. The iOS 7.1 release is rumored or March, but after this small update we are turning our eyes to iOS 8. As far as Apple is concerned, there is no iOS 8 that consumers need to […]

Eyes on iPhone 6, iWatch as Apple Fast Tracks ‘Critical’ Component

Apple pushes to fast track the go-live date for a Sapphire production facility which will delivery new Apple components which we could see in an iPhone 6, iWatch or iPod in 2014.

Apple is pushing forward to bring the Sapphire plant in Arizona up to speed to start production in February to deliver, “a critical new sub-component of Apple Products,” that will be sold globally, bringing the iPhone 6 and rumored iWatch to mind. The plant first appeared on our radar when Apple invested half a billion dollars […]

5 iWatch Features We Want to See


The iWatch has been talked about for well over a couple years now, and there’s no stopping the rumor mill at this point. Sources say we’ll see Apple’s mysterious iWatch smartwatch appear at some point later this year. While we’re not really sure when we’ll see it launch, there’s one thing that we are sure […]

Will it Bend? Apple Eyes AMOLED iWatch Screen

Artist concept of iWatch

According to the latest projections from DisplaySearch, Apple may be employing a flexible AMOLED display for its much anticipated and highly rumored iWatch wearable smartwatch. According to the forecast posted by CNET, the iWatch is said to use a flexible display with a 320 X 320-pixel resolution distributed over a 1.3- or 1.6-inch screen. The resolution […]

Design the Constraint for Apple’s iWatch Smartwatch


For a company that is known for its design, it may be surprising to hear that Apple is facing difficulties in the design process for its rumored iWatch, a wearable smartwatch. According to a report on DigiTimes, the problem with the design rests in how companies like Apple are applying surface treatments on the metal injection […]

Will iWatch’s Proximity-Based Wireless Charging Make It to the iPhone 6?


A new report out of China is suggesting that one of the killer features of Apple’s much rumored smartwatch could be the proximity-based wireless charging solution that the Cupertino, California company is designing for the iWatch. The device is now believed to be coming to the market in the fall of 2014, likely around the […]

Apple Applies for Bluetooth LE Network-Sharing Patent for iWatch

Apple iwatch Render - 6

Apple has filed for a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (via AppleInsider) that consists of an idea dealing with a wireless network sharing technology that uses low-power Bluetooth instead of WiFi. This feature would be of great use in a smartwatch, which is perhaps what Apple is planning to do with its rumored […]

LG G Flex May Be Just an Experiment for the iWatch


LG’s recently unveiled flexible display smartphone, the LG G Flex, may be just an experiment for LG in its component business as it is speculated that the flexible OLED panels may soon be appearing in Apple’s rumored iWatch smartwatch. LG, along with South Korean electronics giant Samsung, are among the first to market with their […]

iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch & 5.7-inch Display Options Rumored for 2014

The iPhone 6 could use a 4.7-inch display without increasing the size significantly.

The latest report from a well respected industry analyst points to an iPhone 6 with two display options in early 2014 and an iPad mini 2 release with a Retina Display this year. According to this report these two new devices will kick off Apple’s use of displays to innovate in 2014 which will eventually […]

iPhone-Only Event: All the Products Apple Didn’t Announce Today

Apple won't offer iPhone 5S pre-orders.

Apple officially announced the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C today, but that was it. Many rumors suggested that we would see a handful of new stuff come out of Cupertino today, but Apple kept things a bit simpler with just an iPhone refresh. With that said, there were quite a few things that Apple didn’t […]

As Galaxy Gear Debuts, Microsoft Once Again Finds Itself Shut Out

Microsoft's Bill Gates shows off it's SPOT Watches along with actress Micsha Barton.

Now that Samsung’s officially debuted its Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, there’s no denying that the wearables – that is small computing devices that stay out-of-the-way and are naturally accessible — are due for an explosion. Unfortunately Microsoft is on the wrong end of the flames. It wasn’t all that long ago that Microsoft found itself shut out […]

iWatch May Not Launch Until iPhone 6′s Debut in 2014


After Samsung vice president Lee Young-hee confirmed that the company’s smartwatch, which is rumored to launch as the Galaxy Gear at the IFA show in Berlin, is coming, it looks like Samsung may have a head start of about a year over rival Apple’s widely speculated iWatch. Lee Young-hee had told The Korea Times that the Samsung-made wearable […]

iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iWatch & iPad mini 2 Predictions Arrive

iPhone 6 concept - 6m 2

As Apple approaches nearly a year without a new mobile product, supply chain leaks and sources are talking about many new Apple products including the iPhone 6 release, iPhone 5C pricing, iPad mini 2 with Retina Display timing and when the rumored iWatch release could land. We’re just waiting for invitations to confirm the iPhone […]

Apple Poaches Fitness Guru Jay Blahnik From Nike for iWatch Development


Apple has now hired Nike Fuelband developer and fitness fanatic Jay Blahnik adding to speculations that the iWatch may take on a fitness-centric approach that could compete with devices like the Jawbone Up, Nike Fuelband, and Fitbit while adding smartwatch functionality like those from Pebble and the now defunct Moto ACTV from Motorola. Confirmation of […]

If Apple’s Board Is Really Worried, Apple is Screwed

The iPhone 5S release date could land on September 20th or a similar date thanks to Apple earnings guidance.

A new report claims Apple’s Board of Directors is concerned about the, “pace of innovation,” at Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook. Given what we know about the Apple Board of Director’s access to un-released Apple products the source of these rumors is either mis-informed, or Apple is in bigger trouble than fans could […]

Apple’s Passif Acquisition Could Power iWatch

iOS 7 offers access to the Notification Center to smartwatches like the Pebble, and possibly the rumored iWatch in the future.

Apple had quietly acquired Passif, a power efficient semiconductor company located in California, in a move that could help the iPhone-maker move into the smartwatch space with its much anticipated iWatch debut. The power efficiency of Passif could help Apple develop a smartwatch, either as a standalone product or more likely one that connects into […]

Incredible Flexible Batteries Are Key to SmartWatches, Wearable Tech

This flexible battery keeps working after being cut and stabbed.

Flexible batteries are sure to be a key part of the rumored iWatch, future smartwatch designs and other wearable tech that could include a jacket with a built-in battery capable of recharging your iPhone and iPad multiple times over. The batteries in smartphones and current smartwatch designs like the Pebble are solid, heavy and restrict the design […]

Apple Goes On Hiring Spree for iWatch


After a report had emerged recently that Apple had dedicated a 100-person team to the development of its wearable smartwatch computing device, it now appears that the iPhone-maker is expanding its efforts with the highly anticipated iWatch. A new report surfaced over the weekend from the Financial Times suggests that Apple is now increasing manpower for […]

Apple Files for iWatch Trademark in Japan


Apple has officially filed for a trademark to the iWatch brand in Japan. The company has long been rumored to be developing a wearable wristwatch computer with the same name, though it has kept quiet about its plans for the wearable computing market except for Tim Cook‘s recent comments at the All Things D conference where […]