Smart Hearing Aid for iPhone is Small & Impressive

ReSound Smart Hearing Aid 1-X3

Dealing with hearing loss is a daily struggle, but there are now smart hearing aids and made for iPhone hearing aids that deliver on the go tuning, a direct connection to the iPhone and a small discrete form¬†factor. The ReSound ENZO is a new smart hearing aid made for the¬†iPhone that specifically addresses the need […]

iPhone 6 Cases Are About to Get A Lot Better


Apple’s Made For iPhone (MFi) program is laying down the iron first for future iPhone cases, as the company has updated its guidelines for case manufacturers, requiring cases to be tougher and more protective. According to 9to5Mac, sources say that the new guidelines require all future iPhone cases to survive any kind of drop from […]

First Made for iPhone Hearing Aid Debuts

ReSound LiNXLNAppleiPhoneHearing aidsApp

I’ve always thought that we’d see solutions for those who need hearing aids that paired up with the iPhone or other mobile devices, especially since the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). There have been some solutions in the past, but the just announced ReSound LiNX from GN ReSound is the first Made for iPhone […]

Alleged First Official iPhone Controller Leaks

made for iPhone controller leak

A new image from Kotaku shows what could be one of the first official iPhone 5 game controllers that will work with the new features of iOS 7. The new iOS 7 adds support for Made for iPhone/iPad controllers, finally making controller support official and universal for iOS games. This new image shows an early […]

Apple to Talk iPhone 5 Accessories on November 7th & 8th

iphone-5-review- 9

Apple will hold a Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod seminar on November 7 and 8 to talk to accessory makers about a few changes according to a TechCrunch report. In the MFi seminar Apple will talk to accessory makers about making their accessories for the iPhone 5 and other new iOS devices. A major point of the […]

iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories Should Arrive By Holidays

iphone-5-review- 9

At the moment Apple is the only company that can make and sell Lightning cables and accessories, but it should soon let other companies make accessories with the new connector. According to iLounge Apple tightened the restrictions on its Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) policies which prevent third parties from making Lightning-compatible accessories. Apple needs to […]