5 Email App Alternatives for Android


For most the stock Gmail or Email apps on our Android smartphones and tablets are perfect, and supply enough features or functionality to complete your daily tasks, but they aren’t for everyone. Here we’ve gathered a list of five or so great Email app alternatives for Android. One of the biggest advantages of using Android […]

iPhone Mail Alternatives: 3 Great Apps

Mailbox for iPhone

If you’re not a big fan of the stock Mail app on your iPhone, here are three great alternatives that you should try out. The Mail app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone can be handy to have, especially if it’s all you really know, and since it’s natively integrated into the iOS ecosystem, it […]

What do Carousels, Email, and Collaboration Have in Common? Dropbox


Cloud wars. They are so much fun for consumers because it means Cloud providers keep adding services that make our mobile lives more interesting. Without the Cloud we’d all be carrying around content of all kinds on our mobile devices and filling up our desktop and laptop hard drives with even more. Dropbox, the popular […]

Mailbox Comes To iPad, Still Only Supports Gmail

Mailbox for iPad

Mailbox, the popular iPhone email app is now available for free on the iPad, making it easy for users to switch devices without switching email apps. Mailbox for iPad brings the same features of the iPhone app to Apple’s tablet, with a very familiar interface. The app gives users the same options to deal with […]

Mailbox for iPhone Lands With Focus on Inbox Zero


Mailbox, the iPhone app that wants to make users rethink their email inbox, is now available in the App Store. Mailbox turns users email inboxes into something more closely resembling a to-do list than an inbox. The app lets users snooze or save emails for later with a simple swipe. Users can remove email from their […]

Why iPhone Users Should Be Excited about Mailbox

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Why You Should Be Excited about Mailbox

Mailbox is a new email app for the iPhone that hopes to change the way its users think about email, and its close to coming to the App Store. The new app turns the email inbox into something more akin to a to-do list. The app performs the usual email functions like archiving or deleting email with […]