Breaking Up is Hard to Do for Apple and Samsung


After having each other succeed for the better part of a decade, Apple and its business partner-gone rival Samsung is finding what Neil Sedaka had sung about in his hit song, Breaking Up is Hard to Do. We’ve talked a little about how globalization is making it difficult for Apple to distance itself from its fiercest […]

Surface Pro: Why You Should Avoid the 64 GB Model


Microsoft had announced earlier this month that the Surface Pro tablet–the Windows 8 Professional loaded version of the Intel-powered slate–will be available in 64 GB or 128 GB flavors starting on February 9th with the price differential between the two models being $100. With the 64 GB model retailing for $899 and the 128 GB […]

128 GB iPhone 5S, iPad Inbound This Year?


Rumors of what the next generation iPhone and iPad models may look like have already been swirling and the latest one may suggest that Apple is ready to upgrade the storage capacity of its highest end models with a 128 GB edition of either the iPhone 5S and/or the iPad. According to the latest iOS […]

iPhone 4S with Only 512MB of RAM? Does it Matter?

Apple A5 processor

Does the iPhone 4S only come with 512MB of memory? We won’t know for sure till someone tears down Apple’s new smartphone soon after the October 14th launch. Apple doesn’t always share specs like this unless they could make a crowd of enthusiasts at an Apple press event applaud and cheer. That alone may be […]

iPad 2 Will Have 512MB of Memory / RAM


We previously reported what looks not to be an erroneous report that the new iPad would only have 256MB of memory (RAM). We could not believe that was true. It now appears it was indeed false. Apple Insider is reporting that an analyst Tweeted that the new iPad has 512MB of Ram. We are not […]

iPad 2 Memory: Only 256MB of RAM?


(UPDATE: A new report form Apple Insider says the new iPad will have 512MB or RAM after all. We will have to wait till Apple confirms this or ships the tablet. Read more abou the iPad 2’s memory here.) At the iPad 2 announcement today one important detail was not mentioned–the amount of memory in […]

Samsung Introduces Faster LPDDR2 DRAM for Smartphones, Tablets


Samsung has announced faster DRAM memory standards for use in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The new LPDDR2 DRAM uses less power, according to Samsung, than existing solutions while at the same time delivering more performance thanks to its 30 nm-class technology. The base model is offered at 4 GB and can transfer data […]