Google Introduces Google Chrome OS

Wow. We’ve all been speculating about a Google OS for years and, today, the veil has been lifted on Google Chrome OS, which is initially being targeted for netbooks. You definitely want to head over to the Google Blog and read the details. Look for more updates from Google in the fall, as well as […]

Intel Smacks Lenovo and Samsung Over Netbook Specs

Looks like Intel might be getting serious about protecting its flanks now that Netbooks are surrounding the castle. According to DigiTimes, Intel has hit Lenovo and Samsung with removal of preferential pricing   for producing Netbooks with screens larger than the 10.2 inch screens.   Both Intel and Microsoft have requirements that screens must not […]

Windows 7 may be sold on USB flash drives


CNET is reporting that Microsoft is considering giving the thumbs up to selling Windows 7 on thumb drives, allowing PCs without DVD drives to upgrade in a flash from a flash. The move is being driven by a desire to cater to netbooks, which typically don’t have optical drives. The downside is that most netbooks […]

Office Depot dropping HP tx2 Tablet PC

A trustworthy source has shared word that Office Depot is streamlining their notebook lineup, shedding, among others, the HP tx2 Tablet PC from their offerings. This is based on the plan received at the store where our source works. Whether it is indicative of activities throughout the chain is not explicit but likely given the […] Opens Video Site


Christened the “Netbook King” at CES2009, Sascha Pallenberg and some of his cohorts have opened a video site,, that promises to offer lots of video coverage of Netbooks and all things mobile. It looks pretty slick, and I’m sure we’ll be linking to quite a few videos from here. Congrats, Sascha et al, for […]

New MIDs and Netbooks Coming Equipped with NVIDIA Tegra

The news just keeps pouring out of Computex, this time coming from NVIDA who has just announced that 12 of their partners are shipping MIDs / Tablet and Netbooks with NVIDIA’s Tegra technology: NVIDIA Corporation and industry partners today unveiled 12 new high-definition mobile Internet devices (MIDs) all powered by the NVIDIA(R) Tegra(TM) processor, the […]

Meet Fujitsu’s First Mini-Notebook / Netbook: M2010


Fujitsu has just launched their first netbook, the M2010 Mini-Notebook. The M2010 is   glossy ruby red, features 3 USB ports (as opposed to the normal 2 USB ports found in other netbooks), a 10.1” screen, a webcam, Bluetooth, sd card slot, stereo speakers, digital microphone, 90% keyboard, weighs 2.5 lbs, is expandable to 2 […]

Lifehacker Hive Minds the Best Netbooks

In their latest “Hive Mind” feature, Lifehacker has put the spotlight on the five best netbooks as  nominated by the  readers. No huge surprises on the list. The usual suspects,  Asus Eee, Acer Aspire, and MSI Wind, are all there. The HP Mini,  another  one I expected to see,  is missing,  but it’s a short […]

SugarSync Offering 5 Netbooks for Your Stories


SugarSync is looking for real stores from real SugarSync users. If you have an interesting story about how you use Sugarsync, visit this survey page for your chance to win one of five Dell netbooks and 50 Sugarsync t-shirts. I blogged about how I’m starting to use SugarSync again and have generally had a good […]

AT&T to Offer Subsidized Netbooks Nationwide


AT&T announced today that it would sell subsidized Acer, Dell and Lenovo netbooks nationwide after successful tests in Atlanta and Philadelphia. As Rob Bushway’s pointed out, Verizon is already selling a variant of the HP Mini 1000 at its stores. Pricing details haven’t been released yet, but I highly recommend opting for a USB 3G […]

Dell Latitude 2100: Education Netbook w/ Touchscreen

Dell’s introduced the Latitude 2100, a netbook built for schools. It has the usual netbook components we’ve become accustomed to seeing time and time again, but there are quite a few features that set it apart from the rest of the pack. A rubber coating offers an extra layer of protection and an optional carrying […]

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2: Hands On Video

I got a chance to take a close look at the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 today. It shares a lot of components with the original IdeaPad S10, but there are some nice upgrades. It is thinner, lighter and has a more stylish appearance. Both the keyboard and touchpad are bigger on the new model, making it […]

Lenovo Intros IdeaPad S10-2


Lenovo’s introducing the IdeaPad S10-2 tomorrow. It’s thinner than the IdeaPad S10 and has a new, stylish look . The S10-2 also has a larger touchpad, three USB ports and optional 3G. This netbook will ship have a base price of $349 and ship with a 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, N270 1.6GHz Intel […]

Netbook Accessories Start Popping Up


Netbooks are starting to see some accessories popping up just for them. Over at Portable Monkey they are linking to both a Netbook dock and a Netbook cooling station. The Century Netbook Stand offers both a DVD multi-drive and   2.5 inch SATA bay, along with two USB (2.0) ports. Of course it connects via […]

Apple Still Not Sold on Netbooks

During the Apple earnings call today more Apple poo-pooing of Netbooks was on the agenda. Tim Cook of Apple said the following: When I’m looking at what’s sold in the Netbook market, I see cramped keyboards, junky hardware, very small screens, bad software. Not a consumer experience that we would put the Mac brand on. […]

Netbooks Miss First Quarter Sales Targets

Is the bloom off the rose? In these days and times it is tough to measure things in the way we used to do for years. That said, Digitimes is reporting that Netbooks missed the first quarter sales targets as shipment volumes weren’t what was expected. Sources are saying that it this is due partially […]

Wall St. Journal: Microsoft Gambling on Starter Edition of Win 7


The Wall St. Journal has an interesting post (beware it is behind a pay wall) talking about the gamble Microsoft is taking by installing the crippled Windows 7 Starter Edition on Netbooks. In the article it reveals that Windows XP Home that is currently being shipped on Netbooks nets Microsoft $15 a pop. Brad Linder […]

jkkmobile Unboxes the Dell Mini 10

jkkmobile has his hands on the Dell Mini 10 Netbook and of course he’s put up an unboxing video for everyone to glory in. He’s doing a live broadcast where he will answer more questions later today/tonight depending on what time zone you find yourself in. Details here. Video after the jump.

Dell’s Netbook Roadmap Unfolds


Sascha, ““The Netbook King” has unearthed some slides that reveal Dell’s roadmap for Netbooks in 2009/2010. There are some interesting tidbits, including the news that Dell is going to have an 11-inch model using a ULV Processor. Most of the other news focuses on continued updates to the Mini 10 line, curiously including an option […]

Reviewing a Year of Windows XP on Netbooks

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc has posted a nice look back on the last year of Windows XP on Netbooks. Of course this look back points ahead to what Windows 7 will bring, and that’s really the point. Nothing wrong with that, and there sure seems to be enough excitement based on what we’ve seen with the […]