Verizon All But Confirms 4G LTE iPhone 5

Verizon All But Confirms 4G LTE iPhone 5

Even before Apple announced the 4G LTE enabled third-generation iPad, there had been speculation that the next version of the iPhone would come equipped with those blazing fast data speeds. Well, in statements made today to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon pretty much confirmed what we think we know. The carrier has made it known […]

More Rumors Point to 4G LTE iPhone 5 This Fall

iPhone 5 with 4G LTE Again Rumored for Later This Year

Now that Apple has finally launched a 4G LTE version of its tablet, the iPad, the company is widely speculated to be bringing those capabilities to the next version of its smartphone, the iPhone. A report from Digitimes claims that Apple will be doing that very thing later on this year with the report stating […]

iPhone 5 Launch Outed by C-Spire?

C-Spire LTE Roll Out Points to Possible Fall iPhone 5 Launch

Earlier today, regional carrier C-Spire announced that it would be rolling out its $60 million 4G LTE network in various locations in the state of Mississippi come September. It didn’t, however, announce any sort of devices that would be accompany the carrier entry into the world of 4G LTE. However, we can think of at […]

Who is Upgrading to the iPhone 5 and Feature Wishlist [Infographic]


According to a new survey, the newer the iPhone in your pocket, the more likely you are to upgrade to the iPhone 5. Mashable shares a survey of 1,000 respondents which discovered that owners of devices like the iPhone 4 are “extremely likely” to upgrade when the iPhone 5 comes out. This isn’t to say […]

Exclusive: New iPhone 5 Artist’s Rendering

iPhone 5 side view watermark

There have been several recent artists’ mock-ups of what the iPhone 5 may look like. These renderings, which floated around the blog scene, showed some drastic redesigns. They are beautiful and a testament to talented artists, but they won’t likely be anything at all like the product Apple will launch. We wondered: if Apple keeps […]

iPhone 4 Reviews Trickling In


The first volley of iPhone 4 reviews are hitting the Internet tonight and will show up on newsstands tomorrow. The reviews are overwhelming positive as Apple, which isn’t a huge surprise. Josh’s put together a nice roundup of the first few iPhone 4 reviews over at and will be adding to the list over the next couple of […]