AT&T HTC One Mini Release Finally Confirmed

The AT&T HTC One mini arrives on August 23rd.

AT&T had been rumored to have the HTC One mini up its sleeve for some point later on this year and today, the carrier finally confirmed all of the release details, announcing both the HTC One mini release date and price. For weeks, AT&T was rumored to be releasing the smaller version of the HTC […]

AT&T HTC One mini Release Passes Roadblock

The HTC One mini is heading to AT&T.

All signs are pointing to an AT&T HTC One mini release at some point down the road and it appears that one roadblock in that road to release has been hurdled as the device has seemingly passed through the FCC on its way to AT&T’s network. In July, HTC announced a smaller version of the […]

HTC One mini Release Date Getting Closer

The HTC One next to the HTC One mini.

The HTC One mini, HTC’s smaller HTC One variant, is getting closer to release as the device has passed through the Global Certification Forum on its way to shelves. Earlier this month, HTC announced the new HTC One mini, a 4.7-inch device that will be coming to compliment the larger HTC One and battle the […]

HTC One mini Coming To U.S. This Summer

HTC One mini

Today HTC announced the new HTC One mini, a 4.3-inch version of the HTC One that puts many of the great features of the One into a smaller package. The new HTC One mini is a 4.3-inch version of the company’s 4.7-inch flagship phone. The new smartphone maintains many of the same features of the […]

Why Buyers Must Think Twice About the HTC One Mini

The HTC One Mini, left, next to the HTC One.

The HTC One is soon going to be joined by a new HTC One model, dubbed the HTC One Mini, a smaller version of the flagship. And while the device certainly looks intriguing, there are several reasons why prospective buyers need to think twice about buying what HTC is selling. For months now, HTC has […]

HTC One Mini Confirmed Early by HTC

The Verizon HTC One is all but certain to arrive with Android 4.2.

The HTC One Mini is still lurking in the shadows but it appears that an announcement is getting closer as HTC inadvertently published something confirming a smaller HTC One for arrival. And though it didn’t use the name “HTC One Mini” it’s clear that the now deleted post has everything to do with the company’s […]

HTC One Mini Release All But Confirmed


Rumors have been swirling in regards to two additions to the HTC One family including a Galaxy Note 3 competitor called the HTC One Max and a smaller version of the HTC One dubbed HTC One Mini. While buyers will likely have to wait awhile for the arrival of the larger HTC One variant, the […]

HTC One Mini Launch Details Rumored

The HTC One Mini, which is rumored to be joining the HTC One on shelves in the near future, has seen several launch rumors surface today with an announcement pegged before the end of July and a release rumored to be taking place at the very beginning of August, at least on one carrier in […]

HTC One Mini: 5 Things to Know

The HTC One Mini on the right, next to the HTC One.

In the past few weeks, we have learned that HTC is planning to release another version of its popular HTC One smartphone in the form of the HTC M4, a device that is currently known as the HTC One Mini. The device is thought to be a serious competitor to the official Samsung Galaxy S4 […]

HTC One Mini, Galaxy S4 Mini Battle Pegged for August

The HTC One Mini release date has been pegged for summer again, though this time, the device is thought to be coming at some point in August to battle the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Over the past few weeks, rumors have pegged a device called the HTC M4 for arrival. That device […]

HTC One Mini Release Passes Roadblock

The Verizon HTC One is official and yet, it has a grand total of zero details attached to it.

The oft-rumored HTC M4, also known as the HTC One Mini, seems to have inched closer to launch as it is said to have passed its Bluetooth SIG certification on its way to shelves sometime later this year. While HTC has yet to make its HTC One Mini, codenamed HTC M4, official, it’s looking like […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. HTC One Mini: 5 New Things to Know

The Galaxy S4 Mini will likely be very affordable in the U.S.

One of the biggest match ups right now in the smartphone world is the one between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, the two 2013 flagships that launched within weeks of each other. There is, of course, another Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One battle brewing, only this one is between two smaller […]

Verizon HTC One Mini Unlikely At Launch

The Verizon HTC One release date may be August 1st.

The HTC One Mini appears destined for a launch sometime this summer with a release rumored for August. And while consumers in the United States are likely excited about the device’s arrival, a well-placed leakster claims that a Verizon HTC One Mini isn’t likely to emerge any time soon. One of the more heavily rumored […]

HTC One Mini Photos Show Serious Galaxy S4 Mini Competitor

The alleged HTC One Mini next to the HTC One.

Up until today, the world had an idea about what the HTC M4, also known as the HTC One Mini, looked like. Today, however marks the first time that we’ve seen the phone in the flesh and blood as HTC One Mini photos have leaked ahead of its launch date which is set to touch […]

HTC One Mini Release Date: All Signs Point to Summer

The HTC One Mini will likely be just a bit bigger than the iPhone 5.

The HTC One Mini remains unannounced, its release date unknown, but all signs are pointing to a launch at some point this summer as HTC looks to challenge the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. HTC and Samsung both have spin-offs of their flagship devices on the way. In the case of Samsung and the Galaxy […]

HTC One Mini Launch Pegged for July

The HTC One Mini could arrive in just a few short weeks.

The HTC One Mini, which is thought to be coming to shelves to compete against the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, will reportedly launch at some point in mid-July, shortly after Google and HTC release the Nexus version of the HTC One. In the past few weeks, rumors have swirled in regards to a Samsung […]