MobileDemand xTablet Screens Compared

A lot of readers like to know how different screen technologies work indoors and out. In this video from MobileDemand, they compare their xView screen to their standard display.   Here are the show notes from MobileDemand’s video: This video demonstrates the difference in direct sunlight and indoors between the standard xTablet Tablet PC display […]

MobileDemand xTablet T8700 Undergoes Severe Abuse

And you thought our abuse of MobileDemand’s xTablet T8700 was bad? Check this out! Here is run down by clip of what they do to the xTablet T8700 Tablet PC Insanity Short demonstration clips showing how much abuse the xTablet rugged Tablet PC can take. By clip number: 1. We actually use an xTablet while […]

TabletKiosk GETAC G840XT Overview Shortcut

This shortcut I am taking a quick overview of the TabletKiosk GETAC G840XT Rugged unit.  In the video, I go over the specs of the unit that was sent to me to review.  After the specs, we take a look at the outside of the unit – ports, pen, buttons and feel.  I am currently […]

G840XT Usage Notes Quick Update

I have been playing with the TabletKiosk GETAC G840XT for a week or so and thought I would put up some of my initial thoughts. Very solid feel Light for being so tough – or at least ‘feels’ light to me GPS works good for being integrated and without an antenna (I have some video […]

TabletKiosk GETAC G840XT Flickr Photo Set

I have just uploaded a set of 12 photos to our Flickr page.  These pictures show all sides of the G840XT and adn some close up shots of the keys on the front of the unit.  You can browse through the smaller images, but they all were uploaded in high res so you can take […]

New Rugged Tablet PC In The Office – G840XT

FedEx guy just came into the office.  Brought something for me to review/play with for a while :) TabletKiosk GETAC G840XT Full Mil Spec Rugged Tablet PC!!  It even has the built in GPS unit in there – now I can have some real fun with it now.  No pictures of it out of the […]

New Fixed Mount Tablet PC from DT Research

DT Research, makers of the WebDT series of durable Tablet PCs, will announce tomorrow the WebDT 520 Rugged Fixed-mount Tablet, a new MIL spec, rugged Tablet PC that can be fixed mounted in harsh environments like forklifts, warehouses, and boats. The new system is being offered at affordable prices for a fully rugged system. I […]

TabletKiosk Ships the GETAC 840XT Full Mil-Spec Tablet PC

Ohhhh This is going to be fun!!  Tablet Kiosk is now shipping their full mil-spec Tablet PC, and guess who is going to get to play with it?  I’ve been excited about this one since I got to throw it on the ground at CES!!  There are 2 things I liked about this Tablet PC […]

Panasonic Announces Upgrades for Toughbook 19 Tablet PC

  Everywhere you look these days, people are talking about rugged Tablet PCs. Today, we get word that Panasonic has announced some upgrades for its Toughbook 19 Tablet PC, addressing speed (Core 2 Duo 1.06 ghz ) and expanded memory ( up to 4 gb ): Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, manufacturer of durable, reliable Panasonic […]

DRS Armor C12 Rugged Tablet PC Reviewed

Kevin over on Tablet PC Review has his hands on a DRS ARMOR C12 Rugged Tablet PC.  This is just a first cut overview, look for more on this rugged Tablet PC later this week. Have you ever wanted to surf the Web, check your email, or play solitaire during the middle of a torrential […]