Messaging Sync and More Coming to Skype


Delayed messaging syncing and unstable connections could be a thing of the post for Skype users. At least, that’s what the company hopes will happen after it changes the underlying architecture of the service over the next year. Skype formally announced the changes on its Big Blog this past week. Dubbed Skype Cloud, the company […]

Skype for Windows Phone Leaves Beta


Skype for Windows Phone is now ready for consumption. Earlier today the Microsoft owned company released an updated version of its Windows Phone 8 client. While there’s little in the way of new features for users updating, today’s update of Skype lists it’s version number at 2.5, instead of the preview status it had just […]

Skype for Nokia Lumia 610 Pulled from Windows Phone Marketplace

Skype for Nokia Lumia 610 Pulled from Windows Marketplace

Bad news for Nokia Lumia 610 owners as Nokia has gone ahead and pulled the cord on the Skype client for the budget device. In a statement made to WeLoveWP, courtesy of WMPowerUser, the company confirmed that it had yanked Skype for the Lumia 610 from the Windows Marketplace because the user experience wasn’t ‘up […]

Windows Phone Limitations Are Why Skype Can’t Run In Background

Skype for Windows Phone beta

Skype finally came to Windows Phone a few days ago, albeit it as a beta. While it did bring most of the features of Skype to Windows Phone, there were quite a few limitations. Today we’ve learned that those limitations aren’t necessarily because the app is in beta. According to The Verge, many of the […]

Skype for Windows Phone Finally Comes Out As a Beta

Skype for Windows Phone beta

Last year Microsoft acquired Skype, presumably to bring video chat to more of its platforms faster. Today, after months of promises, the acquisition has finally paid off for Windows Phone. Skype for Windows Phone is finally available for download, though it is only available as a beta and will only work on a few select […]

Skype for Windows Phone May Launch in February

Skype for Windows Phone

While iOS and Android users have been able to download and use official Skype applications for quite awhile now, those who are using Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system have been left out. As it stands, there is no Skype client for Windows Phone, something many would consider extremely odd considering the fact that Microsoft bought […]